Dolls Dolls Dolls – Top 10 Fashion Dolls for Christmas 2015

Fashion dolls are my biggest passion! Christmas 2015 is definitely the best year in ages in terms of new fashion dolls releases. Here are my personal favourite ones for 2015. I make no secret of my love for fashion dolls and treasure my 300+ piece collection. Call me crazy, call me infantile but I cannot resist the charm of a Barbie, Bratz, Moxie Girlz, Steffi and Sindy. When I have a little bit of time, I love dressing them up for my own photo-shoots and make-believe games with my grown up girlfriends. Yes, you heard me all right! I know who you are out there. Call me for a playdate over Christmas ….

Steffi Love becomes Pixie Lott

 Steffi Love dolls collage 2015 Pixie_Lott_Front_Image

The inspiration behind the new Steffi Love Magical Dreams doll range, pop sensation Pixie Lott has worked closely with Simba Smoby to create a collection of dolls based around all the wonderful and magical moments that Pixie herself has dreamt of!

The Magical Dreams collection includes four brand new Steffi Love dolls themed around Princesses, fairies and mermaids: the perfect combination to create your own magical and enchanted stories! Each doll comes complete with a VIP invite code from Steffi and Pixie Lott, which you can use to unlock secret videos and fun games online

The Fairytale Princess Steffi Love Doll only costs £3.99 and is therefore the most affordable fashion doll this Christmas. Children can brush her hair even without ruining the strong hair – Simba is a German brand and symbol of robust toys. In my collection I also have a few vintage Steffi dolls and after many years and play dates, they still look stunning.  Standing 29cm tall, Steffi Love Fairytale Princess Steffi Love doll is sure to be the belle of the ball this Christmas!

The Magical Mermaid Steffi Love Doll costs £6.99 including a hairbrush so you can brush her long, luxurious red hair and the doll also comes complete with two cute little pet merbabies!Magical Mermaid

The Mystical Beauty Mirror Steffi Love Doll (RRP £9.99) includes everything you need to get Steffi Love Princess doll ready for a fabulous party! Wearing a magnificent ball gown, necklace and tiara, the doll comes complete with a magical candlelit beauty table with chair and mirror. Packed with assorted beauty accessories, the set enables you to transform Steffi into an enchanting and mystical Princess!

Enchanted Fairy fashion dolls (2)

Last but not least the Enchanted Fairy Steffi Love Doll (RRP £12.99) is more interactive. If you push the button, Steffi transforms into a fabulous fairy as her beautiful butterfly wings pop up. Then push her wings down to put them away again. With Pixie Lott and Steffi Love, the world of fairies come to life! Products are suitable for children aged 3 years and up.

Enchanted Fairy Steffi Love Doll fashion dolls


BRATZ ARE BACK  just in time for Christmas.

LONDON_MUMS magazine bratz PG20-21 Bratz Study Abroad Doll Asst FW 01

When I heard that Bratz were back in time for Christmas and re-launching in 28 different countries, I jumped for joy because Bratz are fun and quirky dolls with personality and could only make my fashion dolls’ collection more colourful.

Read my interview with Andrew Laughton, MD of MGA UK where he talks about dolls’ trends and and other insights into this Christmas toys’ trends.

My favourite Bratz from the latest collection has to be the British / London Bratz from the Study Abroad range. For me personally she is the most stunning Bratz of all. It might be personal taste, of course, but all the British – Union Jack accessories are stunning and really well made. Take a look at these images to make up your mind.

Bratz Study Abroad british Doll accessories Sasha to UK FW 03 Bratz Study Abroad british Doll box Sasha to UK FW PKG F Bratz Study Abroad British Doll- Sasha to UK FW 02

I also love the festive Bratz #SNOWKISSED dolls geared up and ready for skiing with all their cute equipment. The details of the accessories included in each pack are extraordinary.

Bratz skiing christmas 2015 bratz snow kissed christmas 2015 bratz snowboard Christmas 2015

My favourite accessory is the stylish snow gear and the après ski outfit. Other accessories include hot cocoa mug and sticker sheets to customise their snowboards, sledges or skis. The #SnowKissed collection is perfect for kids creative side as all the girls ski equipment can be customised for that perfect snow look. (RRP: £32.99)

Customisation of all toys seems to be an ongoing trend, popular among the parents as it engages children in a creative way with their toys.



Project Mc2  – Smart is the New Cool

Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment Adriennes Volcano FW 063 Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment McKeylas Lava Light FW PKG F

A new generation of fashion dolls called Project Mc2 was recently created: smart and fashionable girls who love science and scientific experiments.

Each doll pack comes with a lab kit and a cool experiment to make using household material. It’s innovative that these toys are trying to promote science to girls.

This weekend saw the launch of a new lifestyle brand, directed at tween girls and centered around the increasingly popular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) trend.

Project Mc2 are also created by MGA Entertainment (like Bratz). Along with the dolls, they have launched a new three-episode original series on Netflix and a doll and accessories line, available in all major toy retailers.

Netflix Original Project Mc2 - Behind the Scenes 2

Featuring the tagline ‘Smart is the New Cool’, Project Mc2 focuses on four young girls who are all smart, sassy and very stylish – a far cry from the traditional ‘geek’ image associated with STEM subjects.

From the language in the show (acronyms aplenty) and the ever-presence of all forms of social media to the fresh styling of the characters (emoji t-shirts!), Project Mc2 is unmistakably for the modern tween.

Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment group shot 

The four girls – McKeyla McAlister (Mc2), Adrienne Attoms (A2), Bryden Bandweth (B2) and Camryn Coyle (C2) – get up to mischievous adventures in the form of secret spy missions, under the watchful eye of The Quail – a powerful female figure played by Danica McKellar (known to adults as Winnie from The Wonder Years).

From using kitchen equipment to fingerprint suspects to creating their own homemade lie detectors, the girls all use science and technology to solve their own problems and help others. One of the main themes in the show involves them saving a visiting prince from an anonymous threat – a clever twist on the usual prince-to-the-rescue narrative.

Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment Brydens Glow Stick FW 124

In the product line, each doll comes with their own experiment to encourage science play at home. Fans can mix a bit of food colouring, baking soda and vinegar and they have created Adrienne’s volcano – or take vegetable oil, colouring and effervescent tablets to make McKeyla’s Lava Light. Traditional accessories such as handbags have become backpacks and jewellery is a make-it-yourself glow in the dark necklace.

Following the launch, the Project Mc2 lifestyle is set to go from strength to strength – with the launch of its own App (allowing fans to go on their own secret missions), extensions to the toy line and a rumoured second season. The brand has also partnered with the likes of AwesomenessTV and DreamworksTV to distribute content online, across YouTube and with social influencers.

When it comes to tween entertainment, it seems that Geek Chic + Female Empowerment = The Future.

These dolls are excellent for the holiday season as you can get the girls to make scientific experiments during the Christmas holidays.

LAMMILY DOLL – The Anti-Barbie

Barbie vs Lammily skinny versus normal size doll LondonMums magazine

The Lammily doll has recently caught my imagination. She is called the anti-Barbie because her measurements are normal as opposed to skinny or supermodel-like dolls. The Lammily’s proportions are in fact based on the average 19 year-old American woman.

While I hold it in my hands next to a Barbie doll, I can feel her muscles are almost real and chunky as you would expect a real person to be. Barbie clothes don’t fit her. It is quite refreshing to see a normal looking doll. I am totally enjoying it.  T

lammily doll scotland fashion fashion lammily doll 8

Read my exclusive interview with the creator of the anti-Barbie Nickolay Lamm (from, who claims sales of his doll are growing by the minute (more than 19,000 dolls have already been pre-ordered). Read what he had to say.  I personally found his story very fascinating.



My absolute favourite Disney dolls this Christmas have to be the Frozen Fever dolls included in a Deluxe set. Check my full review here of this kit that will make any child happy. If you have mixed siblings girls and boys they will be able to play together as this set includes Sven and Olaf, which are the boys’ favourite characters from the movie.

Frozen Fever Deluxe Gift Set Box Frozen Fever Christmas

It’s birthday time in Arendelle! Elsa has been ‘Making Today A Perfect Day’ for Anna’s celebration in a deluxe Frozen Fever doll set that includes Kristoff, Sven and Olaf plus various party accessories. RRP £75.95

From the Disney Store I recently bought for myself Lady Tremaine, stepmother of Cinderella from the latest live action movie. The doll resembles Cate Blanchett who stars in the film with the most stunning dresses.

Cinderella doll lady tremaine  Cinderella movie costumes collage


Cinderella’s Stepmother Lady Tremaine is elegant in a deluxe Satin gown with dark organza overskirt and screen art filigree. She also wears glittering green bodice and sleeves with flocked filigree. The outfit comes with a velour scarf with golden brooch, satin evening gloves, coordinating molded hat and shoes. The Butterfly shape on the front of the packaging is perforated to open and to feel the fabric of the gown without removing the doll from the original pack for collectors like me. A great gift for all Cinderella fans!

 Cinderella cruel stepmother dress cate blanchett collage  CINDERELLA_STEPMOTHER_UK.jpg_cmyk


I could not resist… I had to have her. This means no more requests for Santa this year.


monica and disney doll

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