Christmas Gift idea: Posh GoodiBox, a selection of the finest artisan chocolates

Comes December, I feel a strange desire for chocolate. It’s the gloomy season, the cold weather that makes comfort treats so very appealing. This year throughout the Christmas season I will indulge in a Posh GoodiBox, a selection of the finest artisan chocolates, by GoodiBox, a brand new online shop for chocolate treats and healthy snacking. Posh GoodiBox is a decadent selection of premium chocolate from Lir, an Irish chocolatier.


What makes my Posh GoodiBox (RRP £30) so special is that it includes hand-finished and hand-decorated chocolates with Baileys which is my favourite liquor. The chocolatier Lir creates unique recipes based on both traditional types of chocolates and unfamiliar new combinations. 

My special box included the following products: 

3 blocks

2 x Baileys original truffle bar

1 x Lir salted caramel bar

2 bags of truffles

Lir Marc de Champagne truffles

Lir Salted Caramel truffles

2 boxes to share

Baileys chocolate collection

Lir discovery collection

I’d like to shout out about GoodiBox that was launched in October 2020 during the pandemic to bring a new range of chocolate and snack variety boxes direct to people’s houses. The concept behind GoodiBox is to select quality brands to make exciting treat boxes, whilst also saving a trip to the shop through the delivery service. 

The Posh GoodiBox is my favourite but the Goodibox range also includes a Kids GoodiBox (£20 for60 perfect mini portion packs with both fruit and chocolate snacks),  a Family GoodiBox (£20 that is something for all the family: little chocs, big chocs, fruity snacks, chocolate bars and truffles, perfect for sharing) and a Vegan and Free From NOMO GoodiBox (£20 – packed with a selection of delights from NOMO, the UKs number one vegan chocolate brand that is both delicious and completely free from dairy, gluten, egg, and nuts). 

This is a subscription service and consumers can repeat their order as frequently as they like to keep their cupboard stocked with treats.

It seems such a great idea and particularly important at the moment to help lift spirits and break the stress of lockdown. 

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