Christmas Gift Guide for BOYS

London Mums’ Christmas Gift Guide 2013. Boys can be so brilliant! Here are our top gift ideas for our boys this Christmas.

LEGO® DUPLO® brand new Disney Planes sets

Lego Duplo planes

During the summer Disney released the hit movie Disney Planes™, from above the world of Disney Cars™, an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure features Dusty, the little plane with a big fear of heights and big dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer!
And now the Disney Planes themed play time begins and we have tested some of LEGO® DUPLO® toys, three building sets, featuring different characters and scenes from the movie. Pre-school children everywhere can now bring their favourite characters home and have hours of fun with these sets. Offering endless possibilities to play, children will love recreating scenes from the film, as well as making up their own stories and helping Dusty to overcome his fears to reach heights he never dreamed possible.

Dusty and Chug models RRP £14.99

Skipper’s Flight School – Dusty’s persistence gets him top aerial expertise from the old reclusive Navy Consair, Skipper. With practical forklift friend Dotty in tow, they get Dusty prepared for the flight of his life – the set includes Dusty, Skipper, Dottie and Flight School building set with flag. RRP £29.99.

Ripslinger’s Air Race RRP £19.99.

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Jumbo Games iPieces – Air Hockey

We have listed this game under the boys’ section because boys will love it as it combines using iPad technology with Air Hockey. Normally you would play this game using a table for air hockey, but now also on the go using a device.

But frankly anyone will love this including mums and girls. It is a very fun game and can be enjoyed but all people who love a bit of competition. We also played it on aeroplanes and car trips. It is a great way to use the iPad in a more ‘traditional’ way.
RRP £9.99 – Stockist: Amazon.


Duncan Reflex Yo-yo

xmas gift yo yo duncan yo yo

When you thought in this world filled with technology, yo yo would be an old-fashion game, here is the ultimate yo yo. The way this yo yo allows you to reinvent this game and make a variety of tricks. You won’t believe it until you check the tutorials online. AMAZING!

It’s well worth its £10.00 price tag.

The tutorials are also very well explained so it won’t be difficult to learn all tricks in a few minutes.

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