Carb killers

Last Christmas nobody could have predicted that after all the lunches and dinners, we would have spent months in isolation without many opportunities to do fitness and sport. Without exceptions, during lockdown we have all really struggled to motivate ourselves to exercise, and indulged in comfort food to compensate for the lack of motivation to do anything.

I have personally tried to do indoor exercise via personal trainers, PE with Joe and YouTube, diet and walking. But that was before the summer. The goal of feeling good with my body image in a bikini was motivating enough.

Thanks to the brilliant wellness and nutrition coach Marion Grimes, I have managed to keep a healthy weight throughout the summer while indulging in Italy during my beach break. Marion recommended a supplement range by French brand Modere which has really worked wonders for me. Following her advice, I followed a careful plan, the Modere Body Transformation System (RRP £130), made of a collection of scientifically designed products with dandelion root and leaf extract that supports digestive health, normal fat metabolism and Camellia Sinensis for resting metabolic rate whilst promoting overall health and fitness. 

Together, these three products have helped optimise and complement my nutritional, exercise and weight management programme during the summer.

One of these supplements – which I called carb killers – helped burn the calories in my pasta meals. First thing in the morning I took a spoonful of Trim to support the cholesterol and boost metabolism. Then during the day, I took two carb killers before the carb-richest meal and two fat burner supplements before the greasiest meal of the day. I felt really good and never bloated while taking these supplements. It was the best summer ever in terms of health despite the Covid scenario. I have taken care of myself more than ever because I was afraid of catching the virus and also because I was approaching my 50th birthday.

I also noticed an improvement in my skin condition, that is still visible now. Even with a carefully managed weight -management programme, sometimes weight loss can make skin appear dehydrated and wrinkled. But with Modere’s range I never felt dehydrated. Modere has also a Collagen range that I will try soon on top of the carb killers that will come handy over the Christmas festivities.

Marion was always available to guide me through the programme. She motivated me and supported me with explanations about the way these supplements work in combination with a healthy nutritional programme. She sent me meals and fitness plans that would fit in nicely with my specific lifestyle.  

However, there’s no supplement range that can make miracles and motivate us. The supplements support our efforts to keep up with a healthy regime and routine. But the coaching is equally vital to maintain the motivation.


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