The hunt for a breastfeeding top is over: the Bshirt has arrived

I always love to support breastfeeding and ethical fashion. So when I heard that ethical breastfeeding clothing brand, The Bshirt, was launching their award-winning ‘Lift The Flap’ tops, I felt compelled as I remember when I was hunting for breastfeeding shirts. I breast-fed my son for 20 months and I was totally committed to the task. At first it was tough but then it became second nature and when my son spontaneously stopped I was almost gutted. 


The Bshirt is a soft and comfortable shirt that does not look like a breastfeeding top as the key ‘mumsy’ features are hidden behind discreet flaps. Stylish and empowering, the Bshirt can be worn on its own this Summer or as a vest top under clothes, to help make breastfeeding even more fashionable.

What I love about this brand is that it was co-founded by two Devon based mumpreneurs, Lisa and Philippa. They created the Bshirt ‘Lift the Flap’ range of breastfeeding tops all made from organic cotton, feeling super soft and easy to wear. When mums are involved in the launch of a new product, it is guaranteed to be practical and useful. 

The trigger to create this product was to help new mums to breastfeed with confidence by empowering women to breastfeed wearing their favourite fashions. 

Lisa initially had the idea for The Bshirt after giving birth to her son. As she struggled to find easy to wear clothes for breastfeeding from her own wardrobe, keen crafter Lisa set out to tailor her own breastfeeding vest which would enable her to continue to wear both long and short sleeved tops. Following numerous requests for the same design from family and friends (Phillipa being one of the first) – the first Bshirt was born. After working to refine the design based on customer feedback from mums, the new brand is already gaining global interest. 

Lisa and Philippa have always been passionate about improving breastfeeding rates in the UK and enabling women to breastfeed confidently for as long as they wish. The UK currently has some of the worst breastfeeding rates in the world and both the NHS and Unicef list embarrassment at feeding in public as a major barrier to breastfeeding.

The Bshirt has seen amazing results from customer surveys, with 83% of saying they feel more confident feeding in front of others while wearing their Bshirts. The team is also thrilled to have just been announced as a Gold winner in the MadeForMums Awards 2018, within the Breastfeeding accessory category.

The Bshirt is now available to buy from

Bshirt, Lift the Flap, £25.39 (Two for £41.39) including delivery

Available in sizes 8 – 18

Colours – white/ black/ grey/ navy / plum and

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