An evening with Smeg

Last week during London Design Festival, Smeg launched new products at its flagship store in Regent Street ‘An Italian Summer’. Smeg is the family-run esteemed Italian manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances including cookers to fridges with a very particular and unique style which specialises in enamel metals.

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Smeg is the real deal when you think at the ‘made in Italy’ expression which perfectly suits all of the unique and stylish products that resemble pieces of art. The lines have stunning design with the original Italian touch and attention to detail.

Ranges vary from bigger items such as cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, freezers , to smaller every day items such as coffee machines, kettles and toasters.


During my visit to the Smeg store in Central London amongst the huge variety of products, there were two in particular that caught my eyes. The first one is a very stylish wine cooler which one can find in the basement of the store. This piece of art fully represents the ‘made in Italy’ style by using half of  a classic Italian car called The ‘500 which populated the country for a long number of years and still does, but in a slightly more modern shape. My first thought seeing this piece of art was: ‘ I wish I had a room big enough for this amazing piece of stylish work!’ I just fell in love with it.

The second Smeg masterpiece has to be the Portofino 120 cm range cooker. This must be every woman’s dream. Not only it’s a delight for the eyes, but it actually does what it says. The best part is not the good looking side of it, but the fact that has a self cleaning oven.

On the evening of the party, Smeg launched its Portofino fridge, the latest addition to the brand’s already extensive refrigeration range. Following the roaring success of Smeg’s Portofino range cooker collection, which first launched in 2017, the luxury appliance brand has introduced a range of complementary fridges in five statement finishes: red, black, anthracite, stainless steel and white. Measuring 70cm, the fridge’s eye-catching angles neatly fit into the kitchen whilst also offering a dramatic way of introducing a dash of colour to your overall scheme. The new additions to the Portofino range, which self-cleanses (every woman’s dream), prices start from £ 5,999 for 120cm multi-cavity cookers. Further information on Smeg can be found at

This cooker comes in a beautiful turquoise colour which references the little houses in the Ligurian town called Portofino that houses multicoloured properties. You can find this cooker in other colours such as black, white, steel and red. But the turquoise colour is best suited for this piece of beautiful Italian engineering.

Editor Monica Costa’s favourite range was the limited edition Dolce & Gabbana and Smeg collaboration including exquisite new ‘Frigorifero d’Arte’ from the refrigerator collection. 

Every refrigerator from this range was uniquely conceived and individually hand painted. The price tag is not for the mass at around £36,000. Only 100 pieces were made.  

Some of the motives of these D&G refrigerators have been replicated in the smaller appliances that are equally stunning. 

The result of this exclusive partnership is Smeg’s instantly recognisable FAB28 fridge reimagined as a canvas for authentic Sicilian artists to compose works of emotive provincial symbols such as lemons, the trinacria flag, cart wheels, mediaeval knights and battle scenes.

All distinctive elements of the poetic marionette theatre, as well as important aspects of the aesthetic of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, each refrigerator is an expression of creativity skilfully combining different eras, specialities and sensibilities.

Artists include Salvatore Sapienza, who has been restoring and decorating Sicilian carts since the age of 13, and mother and daughter pairing Adriana Zambonelli and Tiziana Nicosia whose volcanic creations in their Catanian artisan workshop have been exhibited across the globe.

Finished with embellished floral motifs, the individually designed refrigerators combine innovation with a meticulous eye for detail in one-of-a-kind products bearing all the hallmarks of Smeg quality and craftsmanship with Dolce & Gabbana’s masterful artisan workmanship.


If you are in Central London go and see this amazing store with all its Italian art pieces. I promise you that you will be very tempted to purchase a few.

Head to the basement and watch out for all the different range of items and also have a look at the food preparation area where they often have food-making sessions and cooking-related events showcasing Smeg appliances.

The only coffee machine with a proper mirror! Only Italians could create such a masterpiece….

Just check Smeg UK’s website and look at their events page where you can find all the information where you can book for a free visit and enjoy the Italian passion in style.

At the party we were served this delicious Aperol-Spritz style cocktail called Portofino along with Parmesan pieces and a selection of sauces made by the Smeg family (on their own private farm). Simply Magic. I might be biased but Italians do it better!

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