A magical bedtime Safari

Here’s a lovely new product by London Mums’ ‘historical’ sponsor, Slumbersac. I love everything founder Karina Grassy and her international team do. They have supported London Mums since the very beginning at the end of 2006 when our children were babies and as they both grew up so did our business ventures. Karina is a visionary entrepreneur and she has now partnered with a book to offer an interactive bedtime experience for children and her parents. In this post, I am showcasing Slumbersac latest products and collaboration. By using the discount code LONDON10 on their website you will get 10% off your order when you spend over £40. 

“As your little one snuggles down for bed, let “A Magical Bedtime Safari” poem ease them gently into sleep. Quietly creeping through the trees, they will discover lots of sleepy animals along the way – crocodiles, giraffes, hippos, zebras and lions – but shhh!… Be careful not to wake them up!

The journey would be even more fun if your little one could find the animals from the book on their very own Slumbersac sleeping bag! If you like this idea of not only reading the poem from “A Magical Bedtime Safari” but also exploring it on the sleeping bag, you can order the sleeping bags with feet or the standard sleeping bags in SAFARI design to go with it here: www.slumbersac.co.uk

Our SAFARI Summer Sleeping Bag with Feet are innovative designed:

  • Feet covers with a non-slip sole so children can walk around safely on slippery surfaces. They also keep children’s toes warm and toasty
  • Sizes 70cm and 80cm feature poppers for quick nappy changes

All our summer sleeping bags in 1 Tog are slightly padded – suitable for warmer weather & room temperatures between 18 – 24 degrees.

Our sleeping bags come in four different togs/weights. The tog or weight of a baby sleeping bag determines how thick it is and therefore how warm it will keep your kids during the night. The higher the tog rating (weight) the warmer the sleeping bag and the lower the tog rating, the cooler the sleeping bag.

Slumbersac’s award-winning sleeping bags with feet are fantastic for active toddlers as they start learning to crawl and walk. The design offers them the freedom to move around, reducing the risk of them falling over, while still enjoying the comfort of their sleeping bag at bedtime.

Summer Baby Sleeping Bag in 0.5 Tog are the safest way for babies to sleep – no additional blankets or covers required. Our baby sleeping bags are designed in a way to allow lots of room for leg movement and do not restrict or straighten baby’s legs. At the same time, they keep babies calm and safe and limit the risk of overheating.

  • High quality zip fastening with protective zip cover for easy nappy changing
  • Size 18-36 months is adjustable (110cm when extended/90cm when folded)
  • 5 Tog, completely unpadded – suitable for hot summer months & room temperatures 24+ degrees

Our baby sleeping bags and sleeping bags with feet are made of 100% jersey cotton outer fabric and inner lining. They are rigorously tested and certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.   

We hope our products help your little one, and you, have a better and more relaxing night’s sleep!” 

Isn’t this just so lovely? Well done Karina and all the creative forces at Slumbersac. 

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