Product of the Year 2018 awards reveal the best of British innovation and pop

My annual involvement with Product of the Year is a source of inspiration for me as a London Mum and as a journalist. The latest trends in household products as well as new stars in the world of music are launched there in January and set the mood for the new year. The Product of the Year 2018 Awards night at Sheraton Grand Hotel Park Lane on 25th January was a testimony of that. Once again it’s been a fantastic event filled with very creative people from the FMCG world of marketing, R&D in Britain and beyond. Rory Bremner did not fail to amuse us with his political impersonations of which Trump is absolutely spot on. He presented 50 awards to the creative minds behind the winning products, and at the end we were treated to a star performance by X Factor sensation Grace Davies! I personally did not know her but really enjoyed her cover songs by Paloma Faith and Adele as well as her original track Wolves

Watch my video covering the full comedy show by Rory Bremner to feel the vibe at the glamorous night! 


Some of my favourite and hilarious moments at Product of the Year 2018 Awards were shared with fellow blogger Mirka Moore of All Baby Advice and Fitness 4 Mamas – It’s a tradition now! 



A great line up of products and the most amazing goodie bag in the world (I brought a trolley to carry it home).

Some of my favourite products include Nutella B Ready, which my son Diego often eats a an after school treat, Paul Hollywood brownies mix – I recently made these brownies which are delicious and easy – Cif Power & Shine cleaning spray which I love because it removes 100% of limescale and tough grease, Bloo Blue Active Toilet Rim Block – an excellent new product which I will keep buying because it keeps the loo pristine thanks to a foaming action in the toilet bowl and prevents limescale even between flushes. One of my all time favourite products has to be Oral-B 3DWhite Luxe Glamorous White toothpaste – I was hooked when I saw the commercial with Shakira but then realised it really is an effective product with its enamel safe formula that gently removes up to 100% of surface stains on teeth in just three days, while protecting against new stains. At least it works for me and I love to have a whitish smile ?. 

Check out all Product of the Year 2018 winning products here


An amazing group of winning innovators and marketeers from all over the UK. Asda managed to scoop up 7 awards….


How does Rory Bremner manage to be so funny year on year… He has such a difficult job trying to make politicians even more ridiculous than they are ??

I am proud London Mums are listed among the guests of this great annual event!


Grace Davis was a great surprise and I believe she is the next Adele


And the winner is …

Images by Simon Williams

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