New sustainable baby lifestyle brand CAYO launches unique dummy collection

New British lifestyle brand CAYO, aims to become a part of the family with the launch of its curated collection of unique and stylish dummies to help soothe babies and toddlers throughout their daily routine.

CAYO is elevating the everyday by injecting style and sustainability into the soothing category. The beautifully designed dummies are the perfect accessories to complement a baby or toddler’s growing wardrobe.

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Manufactured in the UK, utilising recyclable materials, natural rubber teats and fully sustainable packaging, the CAYO range of dummies minimises its carbon footprint – an essential consideration for every parent in today’s eco-conscious world.

CAYO’s team of Dummy Fairies ensure every baby and toddler has just the dummy they need. When that child comes of age and no longer requires the soothing comfort of their dummy, Sky, Buzz, Sonny, Drew and Orionare ready to whisk it away, creating a seamless transition for parents and child. Soothing infants whilst they need it, and helping children to graduate from dummy use at the right time, is exactly what the Dummy Fairies are here for.

baby dummy

CAYO is at the forefront of baby care, offering the very best soothing products for babies and toddlers. Its dummies are functional, yet lovingly crafted and stylishly designed for modern parents. A CAYO product is with parents, babies and toddlers night-to-day, dusk-to-dawn, and the logo reflects this – the ‘C’ represents the moon at night, whilst the ‘O’ reflects the sun of the new day.

The range is being launched with two charming styles, Aster that is shaped like a flower and Shine incorporating a pattern like the sun’s rays. Both dummies are available in four calming colours – Blush, Sky, Beach and Sage – with two teat sizes (0-12 months and 12+ months). Each pack of two dummies is beautifully packaged in a fully sustainable box, and priced at £14.99 (RRP). All products are available exclusively online from the CAYO store, with more designs to follow shortly.

CAYO is passionate about high product quality, fresh design and protecting the environment for future generations. All CAYO’s dummies:

  • Comply with European standard EN1400,
  • Are 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates
  • Utilise natural rubber teats
  • Are environmentally friendly.


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