New research shows kids spending more time indoors: UK parents call for outdoor play

As spring blooms across the UK, parents are rallying to get their children out and about. According to a recent study by TK Maxx, the average UK child spends just half an hour outdoors each day, sometimes staying indoors for up to two consecutive days.

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The survey, which polled 2,000 parents with children aged 5 to 15, also uncovered that 65% of parents believe their kids spend less time outdoors compared to their own childhoods. It’s no wonder parents are dedicating over two hours a week to coaxing their little ones away from screens and into the fresh air.

Encouragingly, 73% of parents express a desire for their children to engage in more outdoor activities, citing the numerous health benefits. In fact, 97% notice positive changes, such as improved moods, when their kids finally venture outside.

Only 24% of parents believe their children have trendy clothes, and a whopping 79% express interest in purchasing big brand activewear for their kids if it’s budget-friendly. 

So, why the reluctance to step outdoors? The top reasons include the allure of social media and screens, busy schedules, and weather-related complaints. Plus, many parents feel their children lack trendy outdoor clothing suitable for outdoor play.

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London Mums visited TK Maxx Putney to check new kids’ clothing suitable for outdoor play

However, there’s good news on the horizon! TK Maxx is championing outdoor play by offering affordable activewear and sports equipment. With prices starting at just £14.99, parents can find a wide range of top-quality gear, from footballs to rollerblades, sneakers to goggles, sports equipment both in-store and online. With such affordable options, there’s no excuse not to get the whole family outside and active!

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