Mum’s Six Savvy Supermarket Swaps to Help you Save for Christmas

While we are all struggling to save Christmas, mum of 7 & Parenting Blogger Jen Robinson has sent London Mums her six savvy supermarket swaps to help us save for Christmas.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Christmas is just around the corner, which means we finally have something to look forward to after an extraordinary year of events. For many of us, saving money hasn’t been at the forefront of our minds over the past few months. However, with Brits spending more in supermarkets than ever before, keeping the weekly food shop down has seemed like an impossible task, however there’s no need to panic! Jen Robinson, parenting blogger and mum of 7, shares her six simple yet super effective tips that will help you save your pennies during the festive season:

1- All purpose all the way!

Save on buying separate products by opting for all purpose options – from cleaning products such as multi-surface sprays, to beauty items such as multi-purpose facial cleansers. For laundry, instead of buying multiple products for different colours, save money, time, and energy by using Colour Catcher, which allows you to mix lights, darks and colours all in one load – with the help of just one sheet.


2- Meal plan before heading to the shops

Before you do your weekly food shop, try to set a meal plan for each day of the following week. Then, create a food shopping list based on the items you require. This strategy ensures you only buy items you need and reduces spending on items that may go to waste.  Remember to eat before you go shopping as browsing on an empty stomach could lead to unnecessary purchases.


3- Buy in bulk – but only if you need the items!

When it comes to everyday items such as rice, pasta and even toilet roll – it’s a lot more cost effective for you to buy the items in bulk. Even though at the time it may seem like you’re spending more, it will definitely help you save in the long run. Plus, not only will your pockets be lighter, but the more stocked up you are the fewer trips you’ll need to the supermarket, helping you save money on petrol/transport costs.


4- Check out the baby aisle

Supermarkets often hide some of their best bargains in the quieter aisles so take time to venture beyond the more mainstream sections. A host of bargains including cotton buds, cotton wool and wet wipes can all be found in the baby aisle for significantly lower prices than near-identical alternatives elsewhere in the same store – and you don’t have to be a new parent to save! 


5- Set yourself a limit for impulsive buys

Sticking to your shopping list can sometimes be a tricky task and doesn’t always go to plan. Next time you go shopping, try setting yourself a £10 limit (and £10 only!) for any purchases that aren’t on your list. This will prevent you overspending or impulse buying, but you’ll still have a small budget for any unmissable deals you may see at the store.


6- Try ditching branded products

For many of us, there are some products we feel we just can’t compromise on when it comes to groceries like branded tomato ketchup or the most expensive orange juice on the shelf.  But can you really tell the difference? Try buying an unbranded version of your favourite products each time you shop. Compare them to the originals, and if you can’t tell the difference, or it’s just as good – ditch the brand and stick with the cheaper one!

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