Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: The next biggest sitcom after Friends is now on Netflix

Comedy is certainly the most difficult genre to write and perform. It is easier to make people cry than laugh. I love comedy but after the end of the best sitcom of all times, Friends, I was left there wondering whether I would find another funny and yet engaging TV comedy series again. After years of watching many dramas, thrillers, crime stories, hospital and family dramas, I was longing for a simple, refreshing and feel-good sitcom. I have finally found the perfect match in new Netflix Original Series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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The story

If you read the tagline you don’t really know what’s going on: ‘A woman escapes from a doomsday cult and starts life over again in New York City’. Well, you have the woman, who is a young, good looking, extremely bubbly and hilarious Kimmy Schmidt, played by Ellie Kemper, who heads to NYC after spending 15 years in a cave with other girls brainwashed by an American Indian guru to believe they escaped the Apocalypse. You also have the Big Apple as the backdrop for Kimmy’s funny errands. She has an out-of-this-world sunny disposition and is very naive, clearly new to modern life and NYC (she is also from Indiana, which does not help to understand the dangers of metropolitan life). But Kimmy is unbreakable in her attitude and always has a simple and honest solution to anybody she comes across who needs help.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt scene Netflix sitcom

Her quirky and super flashy outfits are so distinctive that I can see the potential for them to become trend-setting very soon. I cannot wait to get into those clothes myself.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has been created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock and set for a 13-episode first season with already a two-season order. Netflix is becoming THE streaming media of choice to get the best programmes: just think of Marco Polo, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The House of Cards, Orange is the New Black. You can guess what my favourite ones are (check the links to the reviews).

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But it didn’t have a fresh comedy. Orange is the New Black is funny but not in the same way of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is solar and simple in its message. Everyone is breakable but if you stick to your positive attitude, life will look brighter and people won’t be as negative even in a stressful metropole such as NYC (we can perfectly relate to that in London so the sitcom has universal appeal).

If you are wondering why the main character has a weird German sounding name, you’ll get a clearer idea when you watch the sitcom. Hilarious! I won’t tell more…

Other funny characters alongside Kimmy include her flatmate Titus Andromedon (played by Tituss Burgess), a gay, larger-than-life singer who works as a Super Hero (in Iron Man costume) in Times Square; Lillian (Carol Kane), Kimmy and Titus’ landlord; Jacqueline Voorhees (Jane Krakowski), a wealthy Manhattanite who hires Kimmy as a nanny.


The trailer


The verdict

I am not normally generous with comedy rating but this has to be a 10/10. There’s nothing I don’t like about this new sitcom and really hope it will continue for many years to come. At the end of the day, we all want and need a good cry-out-loud laugh to feel happy and cheer up from the frenzy of modern world – particularly if you are a busy mother.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt monica in NYC Netflix

Back in NYC with Netflix Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, at Soho Hotel for the UK premiere of the new sitcom

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is available in full on Netflix from Friday 6th March 2015. You have been warned! Make sure you’ll have lots of time on your sleeves as you will be tempted to binge watching. Mums, you are in for a treat!

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