Joe Wright’s magical adventure PAN is released today. Filled with thrills, unbelieveable action and a world of colourful imagination, London Mums take a look at cinema’s classic films that are beloved by the entire family! Here is London Mums’s selection of top family movies. 

The Wizard Of Oz

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What better film to start with than the famous story of Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion. As a hurricane hits Dorothy’s beloved home of Kansas she is taken to the weird and wonderful world of Oz where she tries to find her to the wizard along the yellow brick road, in order to get home. A lovely film for the whole family to enjoy as we watch Dorothy make some unexpected friends and learn that there really is no place like home.


Mary Poppins

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A classic with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke at their best, a fantastic family movie as we see children Jane and Michael banks- the troublesome duo who have driven out several nannies- under the care of the wonderful Mary Poppins. Mary, Bert and the children absolutely capture your heart with their magic and mischief.




Little Madeline is an orphan who attends a boarding school in the heart of Paris run by nun Miss Clavel. Madeline, being the little rascal she is, seems to get herself in to a lot of mischief. However, she steals the heart of Miss Clavel, and strives to save their boarding school when it is threatened to be closed, a heart-warming tale of a courageous little girl.




No matter what age you are, you cannot claim that the Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers combination doesn’t have you smiling from ear to ear with its playful, fun approach as we see the unlikely friends of the Ogre and Donkey embark on a journey. Shrek also has some serious undertones though about friendship and love, for children to learn from and all the family to enjoy.


Toy Story


Parents and children alike have to admit that this concept when it came out in 1995 was totally original and brilliant. Talking toys that dispute over the affection of their owners, what a fantastic way to get the children’s imaginations rolling.


Miracle on 34th Street


Definitely a film which should be saved for the festive period, but none the less a gorgeous film for the family that tells the story of little Susan Wilson (Mara Wilson) who believes she knows the secret that Santa is not real, until Kris Kringle comes in to her families life in an unexpected way and turns her whole families life around.




A Robin Williams classic for all the family to enjoy as we see a magical board game unleash a world of chaos and adventure on siblings Peter and Judy and release Alan Parrish (Robin Williams), whom has been stuck in the board game, for a whole lot of fun.




A fairly recent release in comparison to the others, but wow, did this film deliver. Full of fun, songs and music everyone will be singing along to, and a whole bundle of snowy love with Olaf, this one is a family must.




Another festive essential that will not disappoint as Buddy The Elf travels to New York City to find his Father and gets himself in all sorts of hilarious trouble. Buddy’s innocence, sense of wonder and childishness really gives this film something worth watching.




The list would not be complete without the newest magical adaptation of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, with the beautiful Neverland and all our favourite characters and more, this film will be a magical adventure for all the family to enjoy.

PAN is released in cinemas today.

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