Rio 2 DVD release: Special screening at London Zoo

Recently we were invited to an exceptional screening of Rio 2 at the London Zoo to celebrate the release of the DVD. My daughter Chiara and I were welcomed by a member of staff who told us to follow other families towards a lovely building within the London Zoo’s setting.  Once we reached the venue we were greeted  by lovely ladies all wearing Amazon-style Summer hats and very bright yellow t-shirts with the Rio 2 images.

Rio 2 DSC06446

Lots of entertaining  options were available including a photograph with two characters from the Rio 2 film.

The breakfast table was filled with all sorts of food: croissants, Crispy Cream doughnuts which were set in these lovely boxes with the Rio 2 logo with  colourful pictures, lovely biscuits which were shaped like palm trees and macaws birds and there was a beautiful display of fresh fruit for all to enjoy. On the other side of this luscious table, there was a smaller table with a lovely display of drinks….these all had a straw and a little ‘umbrella style’ stick as to remind us of the film’s colours and settings in the lovely Amazon.

rio 2 chiara review

This is 11 year old girl Chiara’s review of RIO2


RIo 2 DSC06447

Rio 2 film review is here. Enjoy!





Rio 2 DSC06481

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