Patrick movie review & behind the scenes chats with Harley the pug, Beattie Edmondson & Mandie Fletcher

Patrick is the family movie of the Summer especially for Londoners and any fans of London based films. I love it because it shows the heck of the wood where I live, SW london, more specifically Richmond village and Richmond Park, it made me laugh from start to finish with very tongue and check British humour and has the sweetest pug dog as the main character. 

The story

Sarah Francis is a young woman whose life is a bit of a mess. The last thing she needs is someone else to look after, let alone someone who dribbles, snores and eats from the kitchen bin!! Yet, like it or not, her Grandmother has bequeathed her a very spoilt dog, Patrick  – her pug. Surely she must have had her reasons?!

Apparently not, as this four-legged interloper proceeds to cause chaos in all aspects of Sarah’s life. But then something remarkable happens. Patrick, with all his stubby, stumpy attitude, begins to turn her life around…


Behind the scenes of Patrick with the stars and film director Mandie Fletcher 

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I was lucky enough to meet Patrick, the pug who is called Harley in real life and the main star of the movie, alongside Beattie Edmondson, who plays Sarah, and film director Mandie Fletcher, who is an absolute legend behind the best British comedies of the past 20 years including Absolutely Fabulous, Miranda, Only Fools and Horses and Blackadder.

They reveal (including Harley who was quite vocal during the interview) the funniest moments on set, the biggest challenges of working with this gorgeous pug,  why pugs are so trendy, and a lot more. 


The trailer

The verdict 

What I love about this dog movie, in particular, is that Patrick acts as himself, a dog, not a talking dog and not even a talented dog. He is very cute and expressive with his huge eyes. The film is about the relationship between young English teacher Sarah, who is not very lucky in love and who doesn’t like dogs, and the pug Patrick whom she inherits from her Granny. 
Some of the gags are predictable but they still made me laugh out loud. Maybe I love dog movies too much and I cannot see anything wrong with this film. Patrick is simply delightful, suitable for the whole family and filled with positive messages of kindness. It is the perfect movie for any day to cheer you up. 
People living in the Richmond area will absolutely love this movie! Check my woof woof interviews behind the scenes of Patrick and find out why Richmond Park is the third main character in this movie. 

London mums’ rating: 7/10 


Patrick is out in UK cinemas on 29th June 2018.


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