Oscars 2017 and why I believe that the real winners are family movies

The Oscars 2017 will be remembered for the controversy, the portrayal of diversity and La La Land. But actually I think the real winners are the family movies that Disney and other producers have made in 2016.  Full list of Oscars 2017 winners can be found here. Here are my thoughts on the most controversial awards of the year.

Reflecting on the most sought after film awards, Oscars 2017 can be considered as the Disney’s Oscars with three awards for
Best animation to Zootopia (called Zootropolis in the UK)
Best short film to Piper
Best visual effects to The Jungle Book
Plus a nomination to Disney’s Moana‘s song

I feel so honoured to have interviewed film directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore who deservedly won best animation Academy award for Zootropolis. I knew then that this would be one of the best animation and family movies in the last two decades.

EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes of Zootropolis, Disney’s animal talking comedy adventure with film directors Byron Howard & Rich Moore

Top Ten reasons to love Zootropolis

Interview with Zootropolis in London Mums’ print magazine Spring 2016 issue

LM Spring Mag 2016 CollageThere’s no better place than Disney to talk about talent in action and I went behind the scenes of new animal talking comedy adventure Zootropolis with film directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore.

Disney Short film Piper

The Jungle Book – Read my interview with Jon Favreau in Issue 18 Summer – Autumn 2016

London Mums magazine Summer 2016 issue 18 collage or watch it on Youtube


Despite not winning an Oscar Disney’s Moana‘s song is a real winner with kids and parents alike all over the world. I haven’t stopped singing How far I’ll go since attending the premiere on 20th November at BAFTA. Moana is out on DVD this Spring and the London Mums’ Spring issue will have a big section dedicated to Moana revealing some exclusive behind the scene of this movie destined to become a modern Disney classic. This includes interviews with the musician and song writers. Oscars are very political and the choice of winners is often dictated by people who are not necessarily in touch with the real audiences. As far as families all over the world are concerned, Disney could have scooped the Best Song award. Just listen to it and judge by yourself!


Justin Timberlake’s great song Can’t stop the feeling written for Trolls was also nominated for Best Song but did not win. The best sing category was also filled with amazing music but unfortunately only one winner could be picked. London Mums loved this song so much that we decided to have Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick as our cover interview of our Spring issue. Read their interview here.

London Mums exclusive chat! Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick talk about their Trolls and 80’s Disco

Film Review: DreamWorks Trolls

Family films were big in other categories: Fantastic Beast deservedly won Best Costume Design.

Film review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (out on 18 November 2016)


Best song and Best music score went to La La Land. It’s catchy and I have also been singing it since the film was released. But it could have just been Best score not two awards. My 10 year old suggested that the Oscars should have a children’s dedicated category even for the music as there is too much great music in films for kids.


With regards to other categories, while I thought Emma Stone deserved her Award for Best Actress in La La Land, Natalie Portman played a much tougher role as Jackie Kennedy in Jackie and would have been a worthier winner. It’s a tough film but her performance will go down in history. However, the success of La la Land is easily explained: in tough times people need good feel movies and La la land is the best film to escapism.

A bit disappointing that neither Lion nor Hidden Figures didn’t win awards as they are both inspiring stories for both children and adult. Hidden Figures is uplifting & inspiring. In times when segregation & discrimination are on the rise again, we should look back at these women who contributed to secure human rights beyond race & religion!

Oscars 2017 will be remembered not just for the mess up in handing the statuettes but also for great movies portraying diversity. Moonlight (not La La Land), a low budget movie with only black cast and crew, including Best Picture and Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role to the first Muslim to be given this prize, Mahershala Ali.

It’s a shame that Dev Patel missed out as he gave a remarkable performance in Lion, a movie that would have deserved a few Oscars for great acting, great story & inspiring educational message. Kids should go and watch it too. There are so many good films out at the moment … but this one is a MUST! As much as I like La La land , Lion is so much more important to educate Western children who are often growing up spoilt and with everything. Most of them don’t know poverty, misfortune and being separated from the family. Lion is a very positive story and has a happy ending so all the tears everybody shed at the cinema were for the beauty of the storytelling and performances.






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