New short documentary about a mother raising a child with three cultures premieres on 1000 Londoners

How far would you go to have a baby? And how do you bring up a child with multiple cultural backgrounds? A new short film on profiles a woman who has had to deal with both of these issues.

Rose is a Spanish mother who grew up within Stockwell and Brixton’s Hispanic community. Her husband, Artif, is from Egypt and speaks Arabic as his first language. After unsuccessfully trying for a child for many years, Artif took Rose to Egypt for fertility treatment, where it’s a third of the price of comparable treatments in London. Rose

They now have a three-year old son, Zacary, who lives within a multicultural community. Rose is raising him to speak three languages, with influences from three cultures, and he’s turning into a truly international South Londoner. “We’ve had flavours from all round the world that we’ve grown up with, and I think that’s important,” says Rose.

This short, sensitive documentary, directed by Daniel Onyia and Laura Kloss for Chocolate Films, is a touching look at Rose’s family and their journey.

1000 Londoners is the most in-depth and expansive documentary series ever produced about a city. The films are currently being shown at and in Vue’s West End cinemas alongside feature films. Each Thursday, viewers will be able to watch a three-minute film about a new Londoner. The range of stories will be as diverse as the city itself.

1000 Londoners is produced by Chocolate Films, a London-based social enterprise film production company. The filmmakers from Chocolate Films will be both producing the films and providing opportunities to young people and community groups to make their own short documentaries, which will contribute to the 1000 films.

From the 15th May, the new documentary ‘Rose’ can be viewed on:

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