Movie review: Iwájú

On Saturday 24th of February 2024, London Mums Magazine was invited to preview three new Disney+ episodes of Iwájú. I was accompanied by three young teenagers who enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish. At the venue we were spoilt with various African food, dance and music, which we all enjoyed very much.

Iwájú was exhilarating animation that explored different context between the submersion of cultures. Representing Nigeria in an international base through a vivid image of its luxuries and powers as a country.

It explores reality of problems we face in society, not just in locally but around the world. The indifference of social class division and the attitudes towards each other represented our roots and where we came from.

But, through Tola and Kole they showed us that together no matter economically our wealth we must stick together to provide peace and tranquillity, challenges will be face such as characters like Bode embody.

The distinction between greed, suffering and selfishness can be defeated as long as harmony exists. Tola up bring is from a bourgeois class, unaware of the dangers of the world due to the high rate of kidnapping. However, despite that an adventure is made and Tola father sets on a mission to find a solution to the problem that is affecting Nigeria.

These three episodes explored real life problems in society such as kidnapping of younger children and how it can effect a family. We also saw an advance in technology in the series and this allowed us to gain a wider perspective of what Africa can achieve with the right resources. Tola showed a lot of personality from her sassy wit to her amazing outfits she showed representation of a child’s curiosity and what the younger generation can achieve.

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London Mums’ rating: 7/10.

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