Max Steel: The Movie Review

“Max Steel” the movie tells the story of American teenager Maxwell McGrath and his alien companion and accomplice Steel. When they work as a team they are able to combine special turbo-energy powers to generate an amazing new style of superhero, otherwise known as the incredible Max Steel.


The film is literally ‘turbo –charged’ and has an extremely high energy and fast pace throughout. Having not been previously introduced to the Max Steel franchise I did find it slightly difficult at times to keep up with all that was going on- and as previously mentioned, this movie is really jam packed with action so there was lots to keep up with at all times. Saying that however, I do think this movie would be any super hero loving, bad guy fighting, lively and fun loving kids dream. It is full of all the attributes that I would imagine any young child (especially boys) would look for in a movie in terms of amazing fight scenes, comedy and graphics.

Kids that are interested in computer games and games consoles will especially love this movie. This is due to fact that the animation makes you feel as though you are right in on the action and there to take part in the many fight scenes involving the age old battle of good versus evil. This typical superhero style premise of good versus evil is one which the audience encounters several times during the movie and is also just one of a multitude of strongly showcased themes which run throughout the movie.

As well as the good versus evil theme, the storyline also possesses some more applicable characteristics and centres on bringing a positive and relatable hero to kids. This is publicized by drawing upon the turbo-charged teamwork between Max and Steel, a great deal of comedy and laughter and the most important theme in the movie which is friendship.

Although as a 23 year old woman this film was perhaps not exactly to my tastes, I cannot see how any young boy wouldn’t be thrilled to receive this movie as a present this Christmas.

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