James McAvoy Talks Monsters In Talking Pictures

After last week’s cluster of good, new films, this week is a little quieter.  But there’s still a big name in The Big Interview hot seat on this week’s Talking Pictures. James McAvoy leaves his lab for a while to talk about his new release, Victor Frankenstein, which arrived in cinemas this week.  Also in the spotlight is another new film with a Scottish flavor, Sunset Song, which is set in a rural community in North East Scotland at the turn of the 20th century.  And there’s the first turkey of the festive season in the shape of Christmas With The Coopers.  We’re not related! 


One of the surprise hits of the summer, Ant-Man, is out on DVD, as is documentary Marlon and family drama, Max.   There’s a run-down of the new top five and, with Christmas getting ever closer, I look forward to the best films in cinemas over the holiday.

It’s all packed into exactly 20 minutes and your essential guide to the movies is on iTunes, TuneIn and right here, on London Mums:


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