Heads Up! Future Films: Boyhood

It may have been 12 years in the making, but Richard Linklater’s Boyhood wasn’t a film beset with production problems.  That timescale was deliberate.

The director wanted to follow a boy growing up so, once a year for those 12 years, the same cast and crew got together to film the next stage.  But it isn’t just the boy’s story: it’s just as much about his sister, mother and father.  And, as Linklater and his cast reveal in this footage, it was a unique experience for everybody involved.


 Boyhood has already received huge praise in the States and could well turn out to be one of the most important movies of 2014.  And, if you’re wondering about the song on the footage, it’s Hero by Family Of The Year.  The film’s soundtrack has many more.

Boyhood opens in cinemas nationwide on Friday, 11 July 2014.


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