Future Films Heads Up: SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE Sneak Preview on new DVD

If you simply can’t wait for Shaun The Sheep:The Movie – and it’s not due in cinemas until February 2015, so who can blame you? – then here’s a way of getting an exclusive sneak peek.  Better still, it comes complete with some of the best adventures from the nation’s favourite woolly jumper!




Shaun The Sheep: Season’s Bleatings is the latest DVD from the world’s most famous sheep and has just been released. It brings together some of his biggest escapades to date, including The Genie, The Spider and The Smelly Farmer.

That’s more than enough to keep any flock happy, but there’s also an exclusive clip of Shaun’s upcoming big screen debut. The movie itself is still a closely guarded secret, but a little lamb tells me it involves Shaun leading the Mossy Bottom Farm flock into all sorts of scrapes that turn its peaceful meadows into complete mayhem.  Of course, it all has to be kept secret from The Farmer – and apparently the special clip shows what happens when Shaun and the gang go one prank too far!




The trailers we saw here on London Mums back in August are on the DVD as well so, if you put them together with the preview footage, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when February rolls around.

And, between now and then, all you have to do is work out who’s getting the DVD for Christmas. Or you could always keep it for yourself ……


Shaun The Sheep: Season’s Bleatings is currently available.

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