Future Films Heads Up: Minions

Here’s one trailer that simply couldn’t wait! Minions doesn’t hit the UK until June of next year, but this first look at the world according to the adorable little yellow creatures from Despicable Me is an absolute must-see.

There’s no Gru this time, so the babbling critters get all the limelight. And if the movie turns out to be as funny as the trailer, we’re in for a treat next summer!

Minions poster


The trailer


Three Minions, with the remarkably ordinary names of Kevin, Stuart and Bob, take centre stage in their quest to find the biggest and baddest person in the world to serve.  And it all takes place many years BG (Before Gru).


So, pop the release date of 26 June in your diary and watch out for more updates before the film arrives.   And, in the meantime, all together now …… BANANA!!


Minions is scheduled to open in the UK on Friday, 26 June 2015.




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