Future Films Heads Up: Big Hero 6 / Feast

Back in May, we brought you a sneak preview of Disney’s next big animation, Big Hero 6.  The film eventually opens in the UK on 30 January next year but, as a taster, I went along this week to a screening of some preview footage, hosted by the film’s producer, Ray Conli.

And that was where I met my new best friend, Baymax.



An unlikely hero, right? He’s actually a robot, one that’s dedicated to health care, which means he’s 100% a force for good.  As you can see from the other photograph, he finds himself transformed into a super hero, with some amazing powers, including flying.  But let’s see him in his role of health carer …….


Based on a lesser-known Marvel story (there was another one, called Guardians Of The Galaxy!), Big Hero 6 is set in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo.  Teenager Hiro is passionate about technology, a talent that comes to the fore after a personal tragedy, when he discovers the start of a plot that threatens the whole city.  He turns his friends – including Baymax – into super heroes, as he tries to stop a sinister turn of events.

At this stage, that’s about all I can tell you – except that Baymax is hilarious when his battery needs re-charging!


But there’s more – because, when Big Hero 6 is released, it’s accompanied by a new short film. Feast stars Winston, a stray Boston Terrier puppy who’s adopted by a kind-hearted human – and who has an insatiable appetite for food.  You’ll have to wait until 30 January 2015 to see it, but once you meet Winston, you won’t forget him!




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