Future Films Heads Up: Accidental Love

Jake Gyllenhaal fans must be getting used to his changes in appearances by now.  After his dramatic weight loss for the horror/thriller Nightcrawler, he’s beefed himself up for boxing drama Southpaw, which arrives in cinemas in late July.  Before then, he sports a nerdy haircut for whacky romantic comedy, Accidental Love, opening on 19 June.  And this is definitely one for the grown-ups!




The story

Roller-skating waitress Alice (Jessica Biel) is about to get engaged when she’s injured by a flying nail.  In hospital, her lack of health insurance means that the operation to remove it is cancelled and, once back at home, she loses her fiancé as well.  So she heads to Washington to seek out a Congressman (Gyllenhaal) who has vowed to “help all the people”, her aim being encourage him to introduce a new health care bill.  But their relationship soon becomes something more than platonic or political ……




And, from the sound of that, we can look forward to not just a rom-com, but a large helping of political satire as well.  Also in the cast are Catherine Keener, Bill Hader, Kirstie Alley and James Brolin.


The trailer



Accidental Love is released in cinemas on Friday, 19 June 2015.

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