Film Review: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish starring Antonio Banderas

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish was beyond my expectations. I walked into the cinema with low expectations, and came out completely overwhelmed with this masterpiece. Before I knew it was I was reintroduced to my favourite talking, walking and sword swinging cat portrayed by Antonio Banderas returning as the role after 11 years.

I loved seeing Puss in Boots return for yet another adventure, and thought they might ruin him but that was far from the truth. The Last Wish consistently delivers good jokes for young and old, which results in a fantastic movie, enjoyed by all ages. The movie includes dazzling visuals with both the computer-animated style we saw in previous movies like Shrek as well as more hand-drawn techniques and a brand new painterly style to bring the fairy tale paintings to life. Check out why I loved it so much. It comes out in UK cinemas today.

Alec and mum Joanna posing for mums magazine with Puss in Boots at film premiere in London

Here I am with my mum at Puss in Boots at film premiere in Central London. She also loved the movie.


The story

The movie swiftly begins with Puss in Boots in battle with a moss stone giant, as seen in the trailer, his introduction is telling the audience to keep up Puss and his everyday heroism. But saving the day comes with a cost, after so many years of living dangerously, Puss has come down to the last of his nine lives. The only thing capable of restoring the other eight is a magical wishing star he sets out to find, encountering a optimistic dog named Perrito (which literally means puppy dog in Spanish) and the returning Kitty Softpaws.

The Trailer

The verdict 

The film currently holds a near-perfect score of 95% on rotten tomatoes with critics praising the overall aesthetic and the way in which the kid-friendly film deftly handles themes of mortality, conveying a earnest message about living the life you’ve got.

My ‘teenage rating’:  I give this Movie a 10/10, enjoyable for all ages!

London Mums’ rating: 8/10

My mum and her friends also loved it, but they never award a 10/10 score to a ‘kiddies’ movie’.

puss in boots premiere screening at odeon leicester square

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