Film review: Pudsey The Dog: The Movie

Pudsey The Dog: The Movie is a heart-warming, quintessentially British adventure starring the most famous and sweetest dog from Britain. It will be released in the UK on 18th July 2014.

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I was totally star struck when I met Pudsey the dog at the Soho Hotel this week. You can tell from the interview I had with Ashleigh and Pudsey. Don’t miss it!

The movie is a low budget and good fun movie to be enjoyed by the whole family together. The kids we took to the screening absolutely loved it.

The kids rating is 10/10.

Pudsey kids Pudz-1220

Pudsey with the kids who have adopted him in the movie

My mum’s rating is more 7/10. The plot is uncomplicated and easy for kids to understand. The best parts are Pudsey’s dances and moves. David Walliams has done an amazing job providing the voice to Pudsey. Everytime he opens his mouth we all laughed. For that alone it is worth going to see this movie.

Pudsey dogs Pudz-2256

Quick Pudsey selfie before rescuing fellow dogs from prison!!!

A bit about the technicalities of filming with Pudsey and the other animals:

The film is live action but the animals mouths are animated so they can speak. When Pudsey is in the presence of humans he internalises his voice and his mouth doesn’t move but when he’s in the presence of animals and no humans are about, he can speak and move his mouth to talk to the animals. Pudsey was guided on set by trainer Ashleigh Butler (although she does not feature in the film, she is a voice of one of the animals)

Pudsey pink dogs Pudz-2016

Pudsey rescuing pink dogs before tea time

The Plot:
It follows cheeky London stray dog, Pudsey. Pudsey meets siblings Molly (Izzy Meikle-Small), George (Spike White) and Tommy (Malachy Knights).  After the loss of their father, their mother Gail (Jessica Hynes) is moving the family to the sleepy village of Chuffington and live in a cottage owned by wicked landlord Mr Thorne (John Sessions). As Pudsey starts to settle in with the family, he stumbles across Thorne’s evil plan and he determines to save them and the whole village.

Pudsey pie Pudz-1711

Pudsey loves his (and other people’s) food!

The Voices:
·      PUDSEY: David Walliams
     NELLY(horse): Olivia Colman
     EDWARD(horse):  Peter Serafinowicz
     FAUSTUS (cat): Lorraine Kelly
     SALLY (dog): Amanda Holden
     DAISY (cow): Ashleigh Butler
     HEDGEHOGS: Dan Farrell and Lucy Mitra

I loved meeting Ashleigh and Pudsey!

Monica with Ashleigh & Pudsey

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