Professor’s Marston’s clever wife Elizabeth (played by Rebecca Hall) was a famous psychologist herself. They worked together and had great chemistry as a couple. One of their students and research assistant Olive Byrne (played by Bella Heathcote) got closer to them as she admired them so much. They developed an extraordinary unconventional romantic partnership a trois which was illegal and controversial for those times. The movie explores their three way romance including the lesbian love between the two women. It was this intense strong love that inspired Wonder Woman. Olive in particular became the visual inspiration for Wonder Woman when she started wearing kinky outfits in intimate moments.

Luke Evans as Professor Marston is very charming and sexy in this film. But the movie is more about the two women in his life, they love they feel for each other and him.


Rebecca Hall is the perfect actress to play strong, neurotic and brilliant Professor Elizabeth Holloway Marston. She was the real inspiration for Wonder Woman’s personality. She loves her husband beyond the charming looks and values his intelligence and his values.  She is very open for a woman in the 1920s and is willing to accept a lesbian relationship alongside marriage.


The polygamous daring arrangement involving also bondage and dominant as well as submissive relationship was kept secret at the time as it was illegal. Nowadays sexuality is more fluid and accepted in its multifaceted ways so these ladies and their accepting partner were ahead of their time. If you then watch back Wonder Woman‘s films you appreciate the genesis of the comic-book storytelling.

There are no special effects, no gimmicks, just an authentic story and perfect cast. For the quirkiness and craziness of the story, this film is a great watch. For superheroes’ fans, it’s a must-see.