Film Review: Postman Pat: The Movie

Postman Pat: The Movie hits the UK cinemas on 23 May 2014.

If you are a big fan of Postman Pat like my 7 year old son who has watched absolutely ALL (with no exaggeration) series many times on TV and on DVD, you are certainly disappointed for the first 10 minutes of the movie while you are getting used to the different voices and CGI faces. But then the characters become familiar again and you start enjoying the gags which the movie has plenty of.

In fact it has so many great gags that I think I missed a few while I was still laughing at the previous one.

postman pat the movie 23 May 2014

One of my favourite of all is when Pat reads a bedtime story to Julian and the book is ‘the Postman always rings twice’.

Then there’s the whole parody around a Britain’s Got Talent-style talent show called You’re the One, starring a grumpy self-centric host called Simon Cowbell – he rejects Ronan Keating (great talent scout eh?!), he is rude to everyone, it makes you appreciate all that’s wrong about live TV and talent shows.

The parallel to Royal Mail being privatised and SDS appointing a greedy manager who wants to instil corporate greed speed and efficiency into a family run organisation.

In the end the good people triumph of course and Postman Pat leaves the world of showbiz for his usual quiet happy life as a postman in Greendale.

The movie can be appreciated by both children and parents alike as it has parallel universal messages. These days movies are pitched to parents who have to like the films as much as their kids. Not sure if this is right or wrong but it is quite practical.

My son’s rating is 9/10 and my rating is 7/10.

Jess the cat is the absolute star of this movie and is the right companion for Pat in a hilarious double act that reminds of Wallace and Gromit. Jess provides lots of gags right from the starts.



I was very lucky to have a chat with the star of the movie, Postman Pat’s voice and Episodes super star Stephen Mangan and he talked about voicing Britain’s most famous postman, working in California with Matt Le Blanc and his fabulous life. His voice is even deeper in real life than on the screen. Very cool!



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