Film review: Military Wives out on 6 March 2020

From time to time we need a feel-good movie to cheer us up. That’s why we all need Military Wives right now. Luckily it hits UK cinemas on 6 March. Military Wives is a beautiful emotional film that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure! It’s even better because it’s based on a real story. 

The story 

The inspirational story of friendship, love, and support on the home front.  A group of women come together as their partners serve in Afghanistan. Together they form the very first military wives choir, helping each other through some of life’s most difficult moments and also becoming a media sensation and global movement in the process.  Peter Cattaneo (The Full Monty) directs Oscar® Nominee and BAFTA® Winner Kristin Scott Thomas (Darkest Hour) and BAFTA® Nominee Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe) in this feel good crowd-pleaser.
Military Wives stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Sharon Horgan, Greg Wise (A Private War) and Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels). Rounding out the cast and playing the military wives are Emma Lowndes (Downton Abbey), Gaby French (Victoria), Lara Rossi (Robin Hood), Amy James-Kelly (Safe) and India Ria Amarteifio (Line of Duty).

The trailer 

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The verdict 

Military Wives is a family comedy – drama celebrating the power of people coming together in adversity.
Director Peter Cattaneo has taken his feel-good 1997 hit The Full Monty (with improvised male strippers) and has upgraded it to a female team full of real dramas and heart. The fact that it is inspired by a real choir of women who are drawn together after their partners are deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, makes this movie even more intense.
Overall Military Wives is an excellent British comedy. 

London Mums’ rating: 8/10 

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