Film review: Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Last Sunday we were invited to a spooktacular morning at Ham Yard Hotel for the screening of Hotel Transylvania: Transformania which can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video.

Upon arrival we were greeted by scary hotel staff at ‘Hamsylvania’. Part of the hotel had been transformed to create a spooky feel.

The theme of Hotel Transylvania: Transformania flowed through the hotel staff right through to the catering. We got to eat green marshmallows, we drank blood juice through ‘Drac’, and were spoilt with all sorts of treats.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is a feel – good family film that delivers the important message that perspective and patience are needed to see the good in people.

Drac was so concerned about his hotel he didn’t notice how loving his son-in-law Jonathan was. The metaphorical importance of the marshmallow was a clever way to relate the innocence and joy of Jonathan in comparison to his chaotic and at times obnoxious exterior.

The journey through the Amazon was an exciting change of scenery from the hotel, and it was particularly humorous seeing all the monster regulars in their human forms. One area where I felt the film fell short was not building on the relationship between Jonathan, Mavis and their son. I felt their family dynamic needed more screen time, and personally would have enjoyed seeing that aspect of their life as parents more integrated into the plot.

Overall however watching Drac’s character arc was heartwarming as he learned to place his pride aside and prioritise family.

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