Film review: Ghost Night starring Edoardo Pesce 

As part of the Cinema Made in Italy festival hosted at Cine Lumiere in South Kensington I met popular Italian actor Edoardo Pesce. His latest flick Ghost Night is a thrilling and suspenseful buddy movie directed by Fulvio Risuleo in 2022. The film is set in Rome. It starts following a 17-year-old boy named Tarek, who is on his way to see his friends. His friends ask him to buy a few grams of dope from the park, and while Tarek is on his way to meet them, he is stopped by a policeman who is working undercover.

Ghost night movie poster collage and monica costa posing with edoardo pesce

The movie opens with a shot of the city of Rome at night. The camera slowly moves towards a group of young people who are smoking and having fun in a park. Tarek is amongst them, and he receives a call from his friends who ask him to buy some drugs for them. Tarek agrees, and he sets out on his way to meet his friends. As he walks through the city, the camera follows him, and we get a sense of the city’s dark and mysterious atmosphere.

As Tarek reaches the park, he is stopped by a man who claims to be a policeman working undercover. The man’s name is not revealed until later in the movie, but he is played by the talented Edoardo Pesce. The man accuses Tarek of being a drug dealer, and he asks him to hand over the drugs. Tarek denies the accusations and refuses to give the man the drugs. The man, however, is persistent, and eventually he arrests him.

From this point on, the movie takes a dark turn. Tarek tries to escape from the man, but he is unsuccessful. The man is determined to take him to the police station but instead he drives him through the city’s dark streets. The driving sequences are well-shot, and they show the decadent beauty of night time Rome. The slow suspense of what will happen to this unlikely pair keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. As the night goes on, the man’s motives become more mysterious, and Tarek begins to realise that it is the policeman who needs help.

The movie’s strongest aspect is its use of location. The film was shot entirely at night in Rome, and the city’s dark and mysterious atmosphere is captured perfectly. The camera work is excellent, and the city’s architecture is used to create a sense of unease and tension. The music is also well-chosen, and it adds to the movie’s suspenseful atmosphere.

The movie’s lead actor, Edoardo Pesce, delivers a fantastic performance as the mysterious policeman. He is menacing and unpredictable, and he keeps the audience guessing about his true motives until the very end. The young actor who plays Tarek, also delivers a strong performance considering this was his first role and that he was picked by the director at an impromptu street casting. The chemistry between the two actors is fantastic. They capture the fear and uncertainty of their characters, whilst building an unlikely friendship and they make the audience care about their fates.

One of Ghost Night‘s strengths is its simple and slow plot. The story is relatively straightforward, and it does not offer many surprises. This is a good thing because the focus is on the connection that is created between the two ‘car-poole buddies’. The movie’s pacing is purposefully slow, and meditative.

Overall, Ghost Night is an impressive film that is well worth watching. The movie’s strong performances, excellent use of location, and suspenseful atmosphere make it a memorable viewing experience.


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