Film review: Epic Tails

On Sunday 5th February London Mums Magazine was invited to review Epic Tails. A movie created by French animation house TAT Productions and directed by David Alaux.

The movie features the special guest voices of Rob Beckett, Giovanna Fletcher and Josh Widdicombe as the many Gods of Mount Olympus, including Zeus, Poseidon and Aphrodite.

The verdict

Epic Tails is a fast paced, friendship oriented film. It had a great message of resilience and forgiveness which was portrayed through the main character Pattie, through her interactions with her father and friends. It had great success with keeping kids entertained and also had humour for the parents through the Godfather reference. The sudden bursts into song was a great way to interact with the kids and was a key aspect in telling the story. The characters looked great throughout the film, this was mainly due to the amazing quality of the animation and voice actors paired amazingly with this.


The twists and turns in the film made it unpredictable because of the obstacles Pattie and their friends met. The villains were perfect for this film. They were child friendly but still had a villainous way to them. Creating suspense as to whether they would succeed or not. The ending was the best way for this story to end as Pattie was able to become the heroine she always wanted to be.


The trailer

London Mums’ rating: 6/10

The four reporters Yuvraj, Amrit, Rahul and Isla gave a collective 6/10. An enjoyable family movie.

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