Film review: Dune 2 starring Timothée Chalamet

On Wednesday, 21st February 2024, London Mums Magazine was invited to Leicester Square to review Dune 2, the second installment of a three-part adaptation of the 1965 epic science fiction novel Dune by Frank Herbert. It continues the story of its predecessor and follows Paul Atreides as he joins forces with the Fremen people of the desert planet Arrakis to fight against House Harkonnen.

Dune 2 poster

With a runtime of 166 minutes, the film offers ample time to delve into the narrative, although the pace varies, requiring concentration in certain sections to fully grasp the unfolding events. Despite this, Dune 2 delivers a spectacular cinematic experience, with groundbreaking special effects that immerse the audience in the action. Personally, I found myself longing to ride a sand worm!

The film explores familiar themes such as spirituality, faith, loyalty, matriarchy, racism, and classism. The cast comprises a mix of young actors and seasoned professionals, with outstanding performances across the board. The camera work, characterised by unapologetically extreme close-ups, adds to the intensity of the viewing experience.

Dune 2 is a cinematic spectacle, featuring moments of intense action and explosions juxtaposed with quieter, reflective scenes (and a touch of romance). By the end, I was eager to return home, have a cold shower, and wash the sand out of my eyes! I highly recommend seeing it, but if you haven’t watched Dune 1 yet, I suggest starting there first! Overall, we gave it an 8/10.

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