Film review: Disney Strange World

On Saturday 19th of November 2022 I was one of London Mums Magazine‘s bloggers who were invited to review Disney’s Strange World. Off we went with three budding reporters. 

The director of Strange World, Don Hall, adds another impressive work to his extensive list in this latest production. Strange World, an adventure film which manages to incorporate the themes of inclusion and environmental impact into an energetic film without those subjects overwhelming or even being emphasised to any particular degree. 

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The animation is superb and the seamless segue from classic drawing into the beautifully rendered world into which the adventurers travel is delightful. The characters are incredibly engaging and it says much for the writing that there is no particular show stealer. Each of our heroes is delightful in their own right, from the Vikingesque father and his son Searcher right down to the blue blob who saves the day not forgetting the three legged, perpetually happy (if somewhat oblivious) family dog Legend. The actors played each character very well and the story line was tight with no bloating or wasted scenes.

The message of inclusion conveyed by Ethan, who is Disney’s first openly gay protagonist, contributes little to the storyline but does represent a significant milestone. Similarly, the message of environmental harmony is woven into the film as part of essential plot.

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It’s one of Disney’s best in recent years and is easily the animation film of 2022. This is a genuine family film certain to be enjoyed by all ages and definitely bears watching again and again. Strange World is released in cinema today.


The story

The legendary Clades are a family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest and most crucial mission.


The trailer 

London Mums’ verdict: 9/10


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