Film review: Cry Macho starring Clint Eastwood in cinemas now

Cry Macho is Clint Eastwood’s latest cowboy movie that continues his cinematic legacy. It’s not what you would expect. Bear in mind that he is 91 now. A good family flick for Christmas. 

The story
In Cry Macho visibly frail Clint Eastwood plays a former rodeo star called Mike Milo, who is a widower and a cowboy who gets sacked by his stable boss Howard. He is then asked to go across the Mexican border to find and bring home his boss’s teenage son. The character is the type of solid and stoic Texan loner he originally built his name with, all those decades ago. The character can’t rely on his physical prowess to get him out of trouble so he needs to rely on clever tricks, instead. 
The trailer 


The verdict 
Cry Macho is the proof that special effects are not necessary to make a good movie. 
It is actually quite touching seeing the 91-year-old Eastwood in such a mature role. I have great admiration for this great man who is still very productive both as director and actor. 
I loved everything about Cry Macho: the father and son type of bonding between the American cowboy and the Mexican boy, 13-year-old Rafo, the soundtrack, photography, locations. Above all Clint Eastwood is incredible and at 91 he has proven once again that he is one of the best talents coming from Hollywood ever. 
I don’t agree with Cert 12A. In my opinion, a 10 year old child could easily watch this and find it educational as much as entertaining. If we have a 12 Certificate for Cry Macho we would need a 18 Cert for other Marvel movies. 
A must see heart warming family movie for this Christmas! 
London mums’ rating: 8/10 

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