Film review: Barbie The Pearl Princess

Believe it or not Barbie: The Pearl Princess is the 27th CGI-animated Barbie movie that being made and every time it surprises me how it keeps innovating in terms of animation effects. This Barbie movie is by far my favourite so far although not the most original. You will love it if you like the classic Disney Princess Fairytales. It’s Cinderella meets Rapunzel underwater
type of story but still charming. It is released directly on DVD from 17th February 2014.

Barbie competition BARBIE™ THE PEARL PRINCESS dvd

There’s a lot of action to look forward to, more than usual, and some scenes might be a bit strong for children under 3 years old although it is not PG.

Barbie™ is transformed into Lumina, a mermaid with a royal secret. She has a cute seahorse best friend, Kuda, with whom she embarks on an aquatic adventure that will bring her back to her royal castle where she belongs (a bit like Rapunzel she was kidnapped by an old lady when she was born and was raised far away from the royal castle).

She possesses a magical power to make pearls dance and glow. Accompanied by Kuda, Lumina travels to a majestic Mer-kingdom where she uses her powers to create fabulous hairstyles for all of her friends as they prepare for the Royal Ball. There, she discovers that her magical pearls are the key to unlocking her true destiny and ultimately saving the kingdom.



As you can imagine there’s a lot of pink in the background of the movie and all characters are quite unique such as the Prince Delfin who will fall for Lumina, who is a Prince who likes getting his hands (or better said tails) dirty by doing humble jobs. But my favourite character has to be the female octopus owner of a beauty salon where Barbie/Lumina works as a hairdresser. She is quite quirky and combines the frivolity of the gossipy world of hairdressing with her good practical sense.

The toy line inspired by the film Barbie The Pearl Princess is also amazing. I am a huge Barbie fan having collected over 180 vintage Barbie dolls over a lifetime already and I can tell you that the latest dolls resemble their movie equivalent as never before. I am totally in love with the new merchandising so hats off to Mattel for coming up with great combination of on-screen and off-screen fun for both girls and mums alike 🙂

Have a few taster trailers of the movie. A great DVD to keep kids entertained this half-term.



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