Film review: All Is True starring Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench and Ian McKellen

All Is True is Kenneth Branagh’s fictionalised biopic on the latest years of Shakespeare’s life. It’s not a blockbuster and it’s not a movie that will please everybody. But I loved every second of it. All Is True‘s photography is poetic and breathtaking. It’s possibly the best and most authentic portrayal of William Shakespeare because it digs deep into his heart. If you are a fan of Shakespeare’s work, this is a must see. Don’t miss it in cinemas as it has to be watched on the big screen! It’s released by Sony Pictures Classics in the UK on 8th February 2019. 

The story 

The plot is very thin and is about the last years in Shakespeare’s life. After the Globe theatre burns to the ground, he leaves London and retires to his birth town Stratford Upon Avon back with his older and illiterate wife Anne and his two daughters. He will never write another play. He often bickers with Anne (played by a great Judi Dench), who enjoys his company despite his erratic behaviour at times. She feels inadequate compared to his genius.

Shakespeare tries to reacquaint himself with his two adult daughters, Judith (Kathryn Wilder) and Susanna (Lydia Wilson) who have their own personal issues to figure out.

(L-R) Tom Quiney (Jack Colgrave Hirst), Judith Shakespeare (Kathryn Wilder), William Shakespeare (Kenneth Branagh), Anne Shakespeare (Judi Dench), Elizabeth Hall (Clara Duczmal) and Susanna Hall (Lydia Wilson)

Shakespeare’s demons linked to the sudden death of his young son Hamnet (Sam Ellis) while he was off in the big city, resurface now that he’s back so he spends a lot of time in the garden outside the family house to create a tribute to him.

The trailer 

The verdict

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