Film Awards: Oscar predictions

After all the build-up, the main event is nearly here.  The Oscars will be handed out in the early hours of Monday morning and, with the votes well and truly in, the only thing left to do now is speculate.

So who’s going to walk away with one of those coveted little gold men?  London Mums’ resident film critic, Freda Cooper, has given her crystal ball an extra polish so she can predict this year’s winners.




Best Picture

Should win                Boyhood.   It would be a popular win, but there’s not much more than a whisker between the film and its main rival.

Will win                      Birdman.  The other main contender in this category, it upped its campaigning after a surprisingly poor showing at the BAFTAs.  And it looks likely to pay off.




Best Director

Should win                Alejandro Inarritu for Birdman.  On BAFTA night, he was in the US, winning the Directors’ Guild Of America Award, which is seen as one of the most reliable Oscar indicators.

Will win                      Inarritu for Birdman. The film’s cinematography, which makes the film look as if it was made in one long take, is a major achievement.


Best Actor

Should win                Michael Keaton, Birdman.  Yet again, this category is between two films.  Birdman is one, but the other is a Brit.

Will win                      Eddie Redmayne, The Theory Of Everything.  Remember the Kate Winslet episode of Extras?


Best Actress

Should win              Julianne Moore, Still Alice.  She’s swept all before her this awards season and it’s unlikely that she’ll be beaten come Oscar night.

Will win                     Julianne Moore, Still Alice.  The film’s released on 6 March, so check out my review for London Mums then.


Best Supporting Actor


Should win                J K Simmons, Whiplash.  None of the other contenders in this category have been getting even a sniff of the trophy this year!

Will win                      J K Simmons.  No contest.




Best Supporting Actress

Should win                Patricia Arquette, Boyhood.  Yet another shoo-in for the award, but that takes nothing away from her performance in the film.

Will win                      Patricia Arquette, Boyhood.  By a mile.


Three of the four acting categories are more or less done deals but, by contrast, the Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor categories are staggeringly tight and there’s unlikely to be much daylight between the winners and the rest of the pack.  All of which should make it an interesting evening, especially for those of us that long for the days of a good old fashioned upset!  But this time, Birdman should be flying high.

The full list of nominees is on and the Oscar ceremony takes place in the early hours of Monday morning, 23 February.  And don’t forget to check out London Mums for the results.

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