Exclusive! Ben Fogle and son Ludo talk to London Mums

London Mums recently chatted with Ben Fogle and son Ludo about their love for superheroes and particularly Ben 10. The all-new series of Ben 10 premieres exclusively on Cartoon Network every Saturday at 10am.


Q: What is it about Ben 10 that you and your son love?

Ludo and I love watching Ben together on Saturday mornings and Ben’s Omnitrix is one of the best bits of us as being able to into an alien is very cool.  Ben and I have lots of things in common – not just our name! He loves to explore new places too although I don’t know if I’m quite brave enough to fight the bad aliens!


Q: Tell London Mums what you have been trying out testing Ben 10’s rust bucket.

As a keen explorer, I love to go on new adventures and the Rust Bucket is the perfect way to travel. Ludo and I were the first guests aboard the Rust Bucket and got to experience all the gadgets inside including the Galactic Explor-o-Scope and sample the Ruck Bucket-naise with key ingredient Piranha Liver! If we could pick anywhere to travel, I’d love to take the Rust Bucket to the Artic and see the polar bears but Ludo wants to explore the Amazon rainforest. Although we do recommend that whenever grandpa Max is driving you wear a seat belt!


Q: Why are superheroes always so popular among children as well as adults of all ages? What’s the appeal?

Superhero’s appeal to both children and adults because of their personal qualities. All superheroes are brave, strong and kind people because they spend their time protecting others. Although they appear to be everyday people, when their secret identities are needed they take on a new character and fight the villains.


Q: If yourself and Ludo could have superpowers what would they be and why?

Teleportation from one place to the other would be our dream superpower as we’d be able to travel all over the world in an instant – without having to rely on airplanes, boats and trains. Being able to travel into space to visit somewhere like Mars would be pretty awesome too. Ludo has said want these superpowers too so we can continue our exploring together.


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