DVD review on a night out in Shoreditch London: MISS YOU ALREADY

For busy London mums (actually Mumpreneurs) there’s nothing more rewarding than spending a night out with a special friend watching a good film. I could not resist the invitation to review newly released DVD MISS YOU ALREADY at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch with my friend after having a luxurious meal at their HoiPolloi restaurant and a pampering session in the room.

MISS YOU ALREADY is a very emotional drama and needs to be watched with someone who shares your deep sentiments. The film is very well acted by Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore in the role of the BFF (best friends forever). It includes funny moments which make the tough pill less hard to swallow when one of the friends is diagnosed with cancer.

film review miss you already comedy

If there’s a message to take away from this film is that prevention is essential and certainly better than cure especially when it comes to diseases such as cancer.

You may recall my appeal to all mums a few years ago and every year during breast cancer awareness week. Check my article Breast Cancer Prevention here which was read by almost 20,000 people in the last few years.

I am a strong believer in prevention and so should you all dear lovely mums out there.


The Story

Featuring a stellar cast and incredible lead performances from Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine, In Her Shoes), Drew Barrymore (50 First Dates, He’s Just Not That Into You), Dominic Cooper (Captain America, Need for Speed) and Paddy Considine (Pride, Submarine), MISS YOU ALREADY is a deeply touching look in to the lives of two best friends, Milly and Jess.

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These two best friends can’t remember a time they didn’t share everything – secrets, clothes, even boyfriends; their differences are the glue that binds them together. As the time passes, Milly settles down and marries her rocker boyfriend (Cooper) while Jess becomes an environmentalist and marries her long term partner (Considine). Milly and Jess’ friendship is as solid as ever, that is until Jess struggles to have a longed-for baby and Milly is hit with some life changing news.

As Jess tries to balance her own life as well as being there for Milly, it is only a matter of time before the pressure takes its toll…

Both hilarious and heart-breaking MISS YOU ALREADY is the perfect film about friendship, love and loss. The film is available on DVD and Blu-ray™ from 1st February 2016, courtesy of Entertainment One.


The Trailer


DVD information

Certificate:                                    12 (UK Only)

Genre:                                             Drama/Comedy

Run Time:                                       108 minutes

Extra Features:                            Interviews with cast and crew / Deleted Scenes


The Verdict

The tagline of MISS YOU ALREADY is WHEN LIFE FALLS APART, FRIENDS KEEP IT TOGETHER. Well it is really true of great friends. They are always the first port of call and the last resort when everything in your life goes pear-shaped. You can be yourself and not worry about how you look or talk or laugh or cry, you won’t be judged!

This February, mums and girlfriends can grab their tissues, their cosiest pajamas and their bestest friends and enjoy a perfect night in with this must-see friendship film. We loved it!

The London backdrop to this film – including locations in Shoreditch – makes it so watchable and familiar particularly to us London Mums.


London Mums’ Rating 7/10

The actresses are simply amazing particularly Toni Collette in the role of the friend diagnosed with cancer. It’s a tough role to play and its preparation involves lots of research into the subject of terminal illnesses. Her mother was brilliantly acted by Jaqueline Bisset who seems shallow at first but her character evolves as her daughter’s illness progresses. This is a film that will make you act and call your doctor to book your preventative exams. It is THAT strong. What is particularly touching is the thought of a mother’s death on her children. That alone will move mountains.

Drew Barrymore’s character highlights another issue that is quite familiar to a lot of mums: infertility and undergoing IVF treatments can be really tough and requires a big commitment.



Miss you already film shoreditch murals trains

Miss you already film shoreditch ace hotel room

Ace Hotel Room is contemporary and very practical

Shoreditch is a fantastic up and coming area in London filled with contemporary art available for mass consumption on the street. No wonder it’s becoming the backdrop to a lot of movies including MISS YOU ALREADY.

What my friend and I loved about Shoreditch is the co-existance of old and new. The contemporary features and the street art coexist with old buildings as if they were meant to be together.

Miss you already film shoreditch shops

It’s not just a beautiful area but it is also buzzy, young and as busy as the West End without being touristic. This is the London Londoners can enjoy for themselves, their guilty pleasure.

We loved dining at the HoiPolloi restaurant at the Ace Hotel where we stayed full of young people until late with the DJ playing all sorts of music (80s included).

Miss you already film shoreditch mulled wine poached pear

Miss you already film shoreditch ace hotel reception

Ace Hotel reception looks like a shopping window full of all vinyl records

Miss you already film shoreditch friends

Miss you already film shoreditch murals


Miss you already film shoreditch murals education

Shoreditch is a fantastic up and coming area in London filled with contemporary art available for mass consumption on the street. No wonder it’s becoming the backdrop to a lot of movies

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