Dracula’s Dating Tips

London Mums magazine receives letters from readers regularly and this is one from Dracula himself wanting to share his dating tips on Singles Awareness Day. (giggle, giggle) Take them with a pinch of salt and … garlic! 

‘Hello there! Dracula here. As an incredibly charming and charismatic gentleman with several centuries’ worth of experience, I thought I’d offer some advice to all you singles out there, since it’s Singles Awareness Day…

My first tip is to cultivate shared interests with the object of your affections. Maybe take a dance class together. It could do wonders for your… coordination.

Next: make time to talk. You can’t overstate the importance of good communication in a relationship.

Some people can’t eat gluten, others have to avoid garlic… Always be considerate of your intended’s needs.


You should never forget about your friends, of course. A good wingman – or wingwoman – will always be there for you when you need them, even if things aren’t going to plan in your relationship.

Sadly, not every relationship is destined to end happily. Know when to move on.’


Fancy a date with Dracula? Monster Family is in cinemas and on Sky Cinema from 2nd March 2018.

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