Documentary review: The Trust Fall – Julian Assange – A man who risked everything to bring the truth to light

“The Trust Fall: Julian Assange” is an important documentary released in UK cinemas on 15th March 2024 ( Why should we, the people of Britain, the parents of London, care about Julian Assange? It’s about the right to freedom and to the truth. We live in free countries in Europe, and we should be able to continue to trust our democratically elected governments. Yet, Assange showed us that underneath the surface of demagogic speeches and political campaigns lies a web of spies, cruel military actions, and miscarriages of justice carried out by those same governments in the name of security. As citizens of democratic countries, we all need to find out the truth, and Assange, who has dedicated his life to unveiling the truth, should be allowed to continue his work as an investigative journalist, not imprisoned (in solitary confinement) for that. Fighting for Assange’s liberation is our duty if we want to guarantee that our children will keep living in free countries. Personally, as an author, I feel for Assange, and I feel that the world is becoming less and less free since the beginning of his imprisonment, which is part of the rapid spread of the ‘cancel culture’. Frankly, as a mother, I would not want my son to live in a world where freedom is only on paper but not out there.

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“The Trust Fall: Julian Assange” tells the full story of the Australian journalist who had the courage to simply find and tell the truth. Despite being detained, silenced, and hidden from public view in maximum security Belmarsh Prison, multi-award-winning Australian journalist and publisher Julian Assange has become one of the loudest voices for free speech of our times. He has also risked everything to bring the truth to light.

The disclosures of WikiLeaks and Assange from 2010 onwards ignited a firestorm of controversy and a relentless ongoing pursuit by the most powerful Empire on the planet.

“The Trust Fall: Julian Assange” examines the meaning and significance of the insights that WikiLeaks shared with the world, the resulting behaviour of the governments involved, the extraordinary personal risk taken by Assange, and the wider fundamental issues around press freedom that affect all of us and our right to know.

Filmed over two years on three continents and in ten cities, the film features an array of luminaries including Daniel Ellsberg, John Pilger, Tariq Ali, and Chris Hedges, with the insights of experts including Jennifer Robinson, Jill Stein, Italian journalist Stefania Maurizi (whose book ‘Secret Power’ is the best and most accessible source of information about Assange’s story), and Nils Melzer, in addition to reflections of Assange’s family including Stella Assange, John Shipton, and Gabriel Shipton. It is narrated by Pink Floyd’s musician and activist Roger Waters, actress and activist Susan Sarandon, M.I.A, Tom Morello, and Jonathan Oldham.

Examining the motives of this peace activist and innovator, this astounding, shocking, and inspiring film invites viewers to embark on a journey of understanding, where the circumstances are unprecedented, and the destination unexpected.

Director Kym Staton said: “We wanted the audience to experience somewhat of an emotional ordeal in watching the film, a range of emotions, from sadness, to anger to shock, to hope. To leave the cinema exhausted, shaken, and compelled to take action. The aim of this film is to add weight to the campaign for the freedom of this heroic, courageous Australian journalist and peace-activist. For his freedom, and the freedom of us all”.

Julian Assange is an innocent man. One of the accusations the US government made is that Assange put people at risk with the disclosure of information disclosed by WikiLeaks. But, in fact, he did expose violent military troops who carried out unnecessary ‘collateral murder’ in Iraq. The US has yet not been able to provide any evidence that the leaks put people at risk. The problem is that the US and their web of secret services are very powerful and can destroy anybody they want. But I don’t want to be discouraged. We are all like drops in the ocean; we can become a tsunami if we all stay strongly united.

The media is completely manipulated and controlled now more than ever before. In this world entered WikiLeaks to disclose the truth. Assange called his creation ‘the biggest bullshit detecting machine’. Releasing authentic videos and documents and unveiling such transparency is extraordinary journalism. He has shown the way to other journalists the ethics of protecting the sources. It’s like a library of documents protecting their sources. Assange has opened a new era in which we journalists are proud to be journalists. We now need to protect him.

The videos contained in that library were so untarnished, real, and showed what modern war is all about. For the first time, we got to see the cruelty behind those military missions in Iraq, killing civilians without any respect and mercy, adding troops’ commentaries that show disrespect for other humans (including war journalists, children, women, and all civilians caught by surprise with no way of defending themselves). A war in Iraq that history has proven to be all a construction of conspiring nations with own economic interests pretending that was a war for democracy when in reality that was pure war crime. That is powerful journalism. That is why WikiLeaks became an enemy of those who perpetrated those crimes. That is why the US authorities are so upset about. While Julian’s been held imprisoned, no one has been held accountable for those war crimes. The US won’t forgive Assange for exposing their campaign of slander to discredit him.

The fall of Assange would mean the fall of truth and the authentic world. It would be immoral to keep quiet.

I would also like to raise attention about the activism of Stella Assange, wife of Julian and mother of his two young children. As a mother myself, I feel particularly anxious about herself and her family.

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In an interview with Katie Strick for ES Magazine, Stella Assange, discusses her ongoing fight to save her husband’s life as his extradition hearing approaches. The hearing, referred to as “Day X,” represents Assange’s last chance to avoid extradition to the US, where he faces espionage charges that could result in a 175-year prison sentence. Stella expresses grave concerns about her husband’s health and safety, emphasising that his life is at risk every day he remains in prison and warning that extradition would likely lead to his death.

Stella describes the difficult conditions Assange faces in Belmarsh Prison and expresses fear of what awaits him if extradited to the US. She highlights the potential consequences for press freedom, as Assange would be the first publisher tried under the Espionage Act, setting a dangerous precedent. Despite the challenges, Stella remains determined to fight for her husband’s freedom, emphasising the importance of public support.

The interview sheds light on Stella and Julian’s relationship, revealing their unconventional courtship and the challenges they’ve faced. Stella discusses the impact of Assange’s imprisonment on their family life, including the moments he has missed with their sons. Despite the hardships, Stella remains hopeful for Assange’s release, drawing strength from international support and envisioning a future where they can rebuild their lives as a family.

As the extradition hearing looms, Stella acknowledges the uncertainty of the outcome but remains committed to her role in the fight for justice. She finds solace in moments of hope and dreams of a future where Assange can return home. Despite the challenges ahead, Stella’s unwavering determination serves as a powerful testament to her love for her husband and her belief in the importance of fighting for justice.

They try to hit on the messenger to distract from the power of the message.

We all deserve, as free citizens, more clarity (less lies), more justice and more people like Assange.

“The Trust Fall: Julian Assange” is not only a must-see documentary but it is a call to action to which we should all respond.

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