Child star interview: Cameron Seely from The Grinch

I am delighted to share another great interview with a star child. My second talent this week is Cameron Seely (known for The Greatest Showman (2017)), who voices the character of Cindy-Lou in The Grinch, the latest animation from Illumination and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, which will be available on 4K Ultra HD, 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD from 11th March 2019.  

What did you enjoy most during your time voicing the characters?

Cameron Seely: I really enjoyed working with the director and being able to do all of the funny scenes and also the scenes that were a little sad. When I did these scenes they were kind of fun because you put all of this emotion into your voice. It may be a little hard to put emotion into your voice but when you are voicing the emotion happy, it can be really fun.  

What was the biggest challenge for you voicing a character?

Cameron Seely: It is definitely putting emotion into your voice. I said before that putting emotion into your voice like happy is fun but doing other emotions like angry, excited and sad are a little more challenging for me. I feel when I tried to do them they they would come out but I feel like I would put more expression into my face and my body instead of my voice. So it was kind of hard to put all my emotion into my voice.


Who is your favourite character in the Grinch and why? 

Cameron Seely: My favourite character is Mr. Bricklebaum because Bricklebaum and the Grinch have such funny scenes together and Bricklebaum is the total opposite of The Grinch. He is super cheery and super happy and Bricklebaum and the Grinch just go perfectly together. 

Kenan Thompson voices the Grinch’s closest neighbor, the relentlessly cheerful Bricklebaum, in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch from Illumination.

When and how did you decide that you wanted to become an actress?

Cameron Seely: My mum’s friend is a small producer and she wanted me to be in a commercial a couple years ago so I did it and I said I really like doing this. So then she talked to her friend and then that’s how I got into acting. My mum’s friend talked to her friend that was an agent and yeah, we went on an interview, talked to each other, and that was it.


What was on your Santa’s wish list last Christmas?

Cameron Seely: I really wanted a Ukulele because we were playing those at school in music class. I really liked it and was super excited about it and I was like I want one that I can play at home so I don’t have to wait for music class every day.


If you were the Queen of Britain for the day, what would you do?

Cameron Seely: I would probably sit back, relax and have everyone do everything for me


What are you up to next?

Cameron Seely: I am not doing much lately. I am going to do an episode of Madam Secretary. Nothing really else lately.


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