Cate Blanchett interviewed on Talking Pictures

Weeks don’t get much bigger at the cinema!  There’s a deluge of great new releases this week and, if you can’t decide what to see, then let Talking Pictures do it for you.

There’s romantic drama, Carol: its star, Cate Blanchett, is the subject of this week’s Big Interview.  Johnny Depp abandons Captain Jack Sparrow to play real-life gangster, Whitey Bulger, in Black Mass.  The epic Doctor Zhivago is back in cinemas to celebrate its 50th anniversary re-release and, finally, Disney Pixar’s “dinosaur western”, The Good Dinosaur, rides into town.

On DVD, there’s this year’s other Disney Pixar offering, Inside Out.  Plus there’s the new top five at the British box office and the latest movie news.  And it’s all packed into just 20 minutes.

Talking Pictures is on iTunes, TuneIn and right here, on London Mums:


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