Calling all London Mums! VOTE FOR OUR FILM CRITIC!

It’s the awards season at the movies and our very own film critic Freda Cooper is in the running for an award of her own!

As well as being one of our most popular contributors, Freda runs her own movie blog, The Coops Review, which is a contender in the UK Blog Awards. And she needs your help to get her through to the final. Freda Cooper UK blog awards logo

The first stage in the awards is a public vote. This link will take you to the Coops Review’s page, where you can cast your vote. In fact, you can do it twice as Freda’s blog has been entered in two categories and you’ll see them on the page as well. You can even vote every single day between now and the closing date – but only if you want to!:-)


Voting closes at 9 pm on Monday, 25th January and, if it gets enough votes, The Coops Review will be in the final.

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Freda’s a must-read for me: I really enjoy going to the movies and her reviews give me all the information I need, as well as being interesting and entertaining. In fact, she’s the one and only film critic I read! So, if you enjoy her reviews like I do, join me in voting for her and make her a winner.

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And, if you’re wondering why her blog is called The Coops Review, it’s because some of her friends know her as Coops!

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