Behind the scenes of The Good Dinosaur with Disney-Pixar filmakers

I was delighted to have the chance to interview Disney-Pixar filmmakers Pete Sohn & Denise Ream this week for some exclusive behind the scenes anecdotes from new enchanting family movie The Good Dinosaur out in cinemas today (27 November 2015).  

the good dinosaur monica pete sohn denise ream

While Christmas 2014 provided great movies for kids and parents alike, there aren’t many decent Christmas family films out this year with one great exception, The Good Dinosaur. It’s true that we’ll have the new Star Wars and Peanuts released this festive season but they are rather niche films and not really Christmassy. However The Good Dinosaur is most certainly the best family movie for this second half of the year.

An emotional yet strong film made by the loveliest Disney-Pixar crew you would ever meet, Pete Sohn & Denise Ream.

Check it out for yourself in this sweet and warm exclusive chat where they share behind the scene anecdotes shedding some lights on how the best animation movies in the world are made. Priceless!

Read London Mums’ full review of The Good Dinosaur here.

Here are some of the sketches prepared for the storyboards during the initial phases of the film making.

the good dinosaur sketch 3

the good dinosaur sketch 2 trex

the good dinosaur sketch 1

22 Nov disney good dinosaur

I predict great things for this film. Even the most alpha male dads in the audience (I sat next to one!) of the world premiere of The Good Dinosaur loved it.

Merchandising from this movie was sold in Disney stores already a few months ago and after this weekend I predict that Arlo & co will become the best selling dinosaurs in history. I mean: who doesn’t like a dinosaur toy after all?

Boys and girls will fall in love with Arlo and his friends. Here are London Mums favourite products from The Good Dinosaur.

the good dinosaur toy range tomy

I loved most of these products sold by TOMY. You can find some also in the Disney stores and online.

the good dinosaur toy tomy

the good dinosaur masks

My 9 year old son Diego fell in love with this mask which opens up when the child moves the jaw. Brilliant and unique!

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