Barbie movie review: A hilarious slapstick adventure for Barbie fans and beyond

Barbie, the latest cinematic venture directed by Greta Gerwig, is a delightful slapstick comedy that offers a refreshing and original story, captivating both Barbie enthusiasts and those less familiar with her iconic world. As a collector of the most iconic fashion doll on the planet, with 300 vintage dolls in my collection, I have to admit that I had a blast at the movie screening. With its relatable themes, witty dialogue, original story, relatability, impeccable design of the fashion doll’s world and nostalgic appeal, Barbie delivers a clever and satirical take on the concept of perfection and the challenges faced by both Barbie and Ken in their journey beyond the idyllic Barbieland. This film is definitely a must-see for audiences of all ages transcending the boundaries of a typical children’s movie. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling shine in their respective roles, delivering performances that are both funny and heartfelt. This comedy is a blast from start to finish, reminding us of the power of imagination, the importance of self-discovery, and the value of embracing our flaws.

See in detail why London Mums enjoyed it.

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A fresh and unconventional story

Five minutes into any movie, I can usually tell where this is going. However, Barbie sets itself apart from other Barbie-themed animations because the story goes beyond the obvious. Greta Gerwig’s script takes Barbie out of her comfort zone in Barbieland and thrusts her into the real world, resulting in a delightful adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. The film explores the challenges faced by Barbie and Ken, emphasising that even in a world of perfection, existential crises and personal struggles can arise. This original narrative approach adds depth to the story and elevates Barbie as more than just a children’s movie.

Relatable even for non-Barbie fans

One of the remarkable aspects of this film is its ability to engage and entertain audiences who may not necessarily be die-hard Barbie fans. The film’s relatable themes of self-discovery, identity, and the pursuit of happiness resonate with viewers of all ages. While the movie pays homage to Barbie’s universe and will undoubtedly bring back cherished childhood memories for Barbie enthusiasts, it also offers a fresh and accessible experience for newcomers to the Barbie world.

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Bringing back childhood memories

For fans of the iconic doll, watching the movie is a nostalgic journey that taps into the power of imagination and pretend games. Barbie’s adventures on the big screen mirror the imaginative play that many fans engaged in during their childhoods. The film captures the essence of those childhood memories, rekindling the joy and wonder associated with Barbie’s universe. Whether it’s recreating the doll’s iconic dream house or inventing fantastical scenarios, Barbie successfully transports viewers back to a time of limitless imagination.

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Enjoying the explosion of pinkness at Barbie movie screening at Cineworld Leicester Square with two very special chaperons: actors Brandon Burke and Connor Simkins who are starring  in Tony ‘n’ Tina’s wedding premiering in the West End at Wonderville this weekend

Witty and beautifully designed Barbieland and Kenland

Greta Gerwig’s directorial style shines through in this production, infusing the film with sharp wit and clever humour. The script is filled with well-crafted comedic moments that elicit genuine laughter from the audience. A lot of the gags come from the conversations between the Barbies and Kens, because they speak in the kids’ language during their pretend-games. Ryan Gosling steals the show, delivering most of the laughs with his impeccable comedic timing. Margot Robbie’s performance as ‘Stereotypical Barbie’ is both heartfelt and endearing, showcasing her versatility as an actress. The film’s production design is top-notch, capturing the vibrant and colourful world of Barbie with meticulous attention to detail.

Over-the-top gags and smart satire

Barbie combines hilarious over-the-top gags with smart and thought-provoking satire. The film presents a tongue-in-cheek commentary on society’s obsession with perfection and the pressures faced by Barbie and Ken as icons of beauty and masculinity. Greta Gerwig masterfully weaves these satirical elements into the story, allowing for moments of introspection and social commentary amidst the comedic chaos. Barbie manages to entertain, while subtly challenging societal norms and expectations.

A stellar cast

The cast is a standout ensemble, with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling delivering great performances. Robbie brings depth and vulnerability to Barbie, showcasing her range as an actress beyond her previous roles. Gosling’s portrayal of Ken is a scene-stealing comedic delight, proving his talent for both dramatic and comedic roles. The supporting cast adds further depth and entertainment value to the film, making each character memorable and integral to the story. That includes America Ferrera (Jane the Virgin) who poetrays Mattel’s doll designer, Kate McKinnon, and Simu Liu.

London Mums’ verdict: 8/10

Barbie will be released in the UK on 21st July 2023 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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