Animation movie review: Mummies

London Mums Magazine sent two young reporters to a special screening of animated adventure Mummies produced by Warner Bros. Pictures.

We received a warm welcome at the Warner Bros studios in London. Plenty of freshly baked pastries and a healthy yoghurt with a variety of granola and fruits.

mummies london telephone box

The story

Three mummies are coming to the world of the living and end up in present-day London while searching for a ring belonging to the royal family.

The trailers

The verdict

Mummies is a film which is set between ancient Egypt and a modern London. The three main characters are Nefer who is the princess, Thut, the charioteer and his younger brother Aida who has a very cute pet crocodile, and of course every movie has a baddie and in this film it’s the archaeologist Lord Carnaby.

The three main characters embark on a journey to retrieve a ring which has been stolen by Lord Carnaby. Thut has been chosen by the king to marry his daughter through ancient Egyptian rituals. Thut knows nothing about the princess and the princess wants a total different life but when the family jewels go missing they manage to get together and fall in love.

Our verdict of the movie was a collective 5/10, the film was beautifully made but the script and characters lacked depth. It’s a very light hearted movie with some informative elements of Egypt and lots of famous London monuments to be spotted with the kids.

London Mums’ rating: 5/10

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