Animation movie review: Migration

 On Sunday 28th January 2024, London Mums Magazine was invited to the screening of the new animation Migration.

The animation movie Migration was interesting to watch. Its characters that presented characteristics of people around the world showed us the simplistic and feelings animals have.

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The verdict

Their journey to Jamaica and the hardship faced (plot) immersed me into wanting to watch more, hanging me by my seat. Especially, during the movie connecting with characters that felt adapted to their environments too scared to face reality and go on an adventure felt like it represented me. Throughout the movie the family of ducks perseverance and its consistent bravery showed the power of family and the challenges that can be overcome together. It’s a movie on reconnection, courage and adventure.

I recommend this as it shows the true meaning of life through animals and helps educate children whilst bringing them on a journey to success. Chump and Dax embody the innocence of children and their malleable instinct and curiosity to see the world.

This is also an educational film for parents to understand the creativity that children have in order to achieve their dreams.

The animation concept is to make this an educational experience for all ages that are willing to watch and lets children to imagine with their hearts content on dreams they wish to explore. This film is beautiful and could not recommend any other than this. Being able to watch this was an honour and experience that will never be forgotten as it has brought a different perspective to struggles as lessons that we all go through in order to achieve our goals, and sometimes that can be needed through support of family and friends.

We at London Mums magazine found this movie captivating the characters that showed distinct personality traits allowed those around the world watching to connect with experience. Whether it was belonging, adventure or love. This animation an education setting highlighted for those of all ages the atmosphere that family and those you love can create when experiencing issues. Their resilience through the characters creates a persona to children that even they can defy anything that comes at them. Watching this was truly amazing making me want to grasp the storyline. Some may say happy endings are boring but this movie showed a different side and allowed kids to believe that mistakes are made, normalising societies judgement through the ducks family and spreading love towards families that are alike towards these characters.

London Mums’ rating: 10/10

We gave this experience a 10/10 and would love to see more of ‘migrations’ evolution towards the world.

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